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Description from J Yee smart chick: this Pick is for Lynn Eileen's remark on one of my Picks, saying that it would be nice if we could have wallets that magically replenish our supply of money as we shop!!! :), so without further ado, here's to all of us beaders having such magical bead wallets!!! :)


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16" strand $22.90
½ strand (loose) $11.95

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  1. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    ROTFLMAO Joyce, I knew you would do this!!! I just didn’t know how…. :D

    Beautiful pick — already in my faves! Oh, how I wish for a magical wallet that refills itself after each bead purchase! Please, please, please…… ;-)

  2. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Lynn, there’s sooo many other way whimsical magical Green Girl beads, I may have to use some of the other cuties like the lil’ pixie pendant and do other “magic bead wallet” combos… :)

  3. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    I love the pick, such pretty lavenders and silver!!
    I also love the magic it will be sending all our wallets!! ;-)

    Maybe some magic will come my way this weekend and I will empty my booth of jewelry and fill my wallet with $$$$!!!!
    Wish me luck Chicks, I’ve got my first show of the year this Saturday!
    I’ve REALLY got the jitters and nerves.

  4. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Ahhh, a Magic wallet. Wouldn’t that be a joy. Shop and buy, shop till you drop, what a way to go. Love the colors and the Magic Wallet concept.

  5. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Sweet chick, your first show this weekend, congragulations!!! Here’s many good wishes to you, that people will buy your jewelry and you’ll in turn get your wallet filled with $$$!!! :) where will your show be? and hope you’ll share some pics w/ us… :)

  6. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Sweet Chick, how exciting! Where is your show? :D

  7. Violet
    Violet says:

    Lovely pick. And oh yes , I would love a magical wallet!!!
    Good luck with your first show. How exciting!!!!! You must let us know how you did.
    Hope you come home with tables empty and wallet full !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Thanks girls!! :-D
    It’s not my FIRST show, just the first one for me this year.
    It’s a local German Fest, called Strassenfest. It has been around for a long time but this is only the second year for the Arts Festival. I attended last year but because it was the first year, not many folks knew it was going on so there wasn’t a very good turn out. There were also 4 or 5 other jewelry vendors last year… lots of competition.
    But I’m going to give it another shot!!!!! :-D

  9. Crystal Jewels
    Crystal Jewels says:

    Good luck with your show at the German Fest, Mary. BTW Joyce, I love this soft mauve combination.

  10. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Hi Joyce!! I absolutely LOVE your pick!! And I would like to order my very own Magic Wallet!! Can it also magically make my driver’s lic pic improve every year? HA! That really would be magic! :)
    How are you feeling? I recall you were a bit under the weather for a while – :(
    Hope you’re in the pink again!! :)

  11. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Thank you Crystal jewels and Silly chick, appreciate it!!!

    Shannon, thanks for your question too – let’s just say, I am working on my general low level of energy and chronic insomnia, trying to walk in the mornings before breakfast, and watch how late I both eat and sleep…
    Chalcedony and tanzanite pair so well, don’t they – and I keep feeling like I also wanna pair ‘em with some colors such as the gorgeous new champagne keshi pearls… just like that contrast of “cool” colors and “warm” colors… colors like the champagne keshi sure go well w/ so many other beads… yep, I’m also ordering my very own magical bead wallet… :)

  12. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    I like the pairing of Chal&Tanz as well – and warming them up with Champagne Keishi sounds great! I enjoy mixing the warm and cool tones as well!

    I’m sorry your energy level isn’t back up where you need it to be!! Would a little extra iron or a B-12 shot help do you think? And I know the heat wave you’re having isn’t helping at all! Try to get some rest and keep cool! Genuinely hope you’re feeling perkier soon!!

  13. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Shannon, I figure that the lovely lavender keshi pearls would go nicely w/ champagne tones too – mixing purples w/ the champagne and similar browns – like hessonite… I’m probably a typical grad student, I’m fortunate to be working part time… will also try those vitamin
    B & C packets that someone else here recommended, I just got a box from Trader Joe’s and will start using in my drinking water. Indeed, just making sure that I do things such as turn off my computer at night at a reasonable hour would help… not so easy when it’s so much fun to chat late w/ everyone here!!! :)

  14. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:


    This Friday I’m doing my first Open House Jewelry Party (with my aunt hosting it). I have a lot to prepare for & I hope I’ll sell everything (I can dream can’t I?)… :D

  15. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    ooohhh little chicky, congragulations to you too, on your first Open House jewelry party – you know we’ll be expecting some pics and stories from your jewelry party too, sending you lots and lots of good vibes and energy, wishing that folks who attend will buy all of what you have, and you’ll make plenty of $$$ !!! :)

    KPJEWELS says:

    Good luck with your open house, Nicole. Hope you do really well. BTW, Joyce, this is a very dreamy soft mauve combo.

  17. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Okay Sweet chick and little chicky, wishing both of you all the best this weekend with your jewelry shows – may the buyers adore all of your jewelry and be generous with THEIR wallets to both of you!!!

    3K, thank you, appreciate it! How is your summer going??? :)

  18. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    THANK YOU Joyce!!!

    Little Chick, Best of luck to you this weekend!!! I have complete confidence in your work. You will be a success!!

  19. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Thanks girls!!! I’ll have to remember to take my camera!!!!

  20. Chicky Bear-Tara
    Chicky Bear-Tara says:

    This is a beautiful pick. I too would like more money to buy more beads so I could quit work and make jewelry with the beads I buy!

  21. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Very pretty pick! I want one of those wallets!! lol I hope you feel rested again soon Smart Chick!!
    Best of luck to those doing jewelry sales!! I hope the right people come your way and buy everything!! :)

  22. Mayan Chick - Lilly
    Mayan Chick - Lilly says:

    I want one of these wallets :) Great pick! Those wild orchid keishi drops are tempting me.

  23. Cuban Queen Crazy Chick
    Cuban Queen Crazy Chick says:

    I think I’ve just started to realize that my wallet DOESN’T work that way… LOL

  24. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    Hey Mayan chick and Cuban Queen, my wallet also DOESN’T seem to work as described cuz I can always find some beads to tempt me… like those lovely wild orchid keshi pearls… :)

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