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“Always In My Heart”


Description from Gayla G: I had so much fun with the "My Family" pick that I couldn't resist doing one more. This one is for the ones I love who are no longer with me.

The first line is for my grandmother, Mama Rosie. There isn't enough time or space to describe how wonderful she was. So, I'll settle for saying she was the most loving and kind person I've ever met. She enjoyed fishing in our three ponds. One of my earliest memories is digging worms with her so we could use them for bait. She was famous for her cooking and baked a pound cake at least every 3 days which was far more than we could eat so my very spoiled quarter horse, Beau, often got pound cake as a treat. (I don't recommend this but it is a true story...) I guess you could say this first line also represents Beau because I chose this horse bead because every time other riders came by our farm, Beau would jump the fence and trot off happily with them.

Second line is for my Grandaddy. As I mentioned, I grew up on a farm and one of the earliest photos I have of me is at about six months old where Grandaddy is holding me perched on the back of a large sow. His favorite treat was homemade vanilla ice cream and my Mama Rosie would fix the recipe and then Grandaddy would do the hand churning. Sooo yummy. As they grew older, every time I spoke with them on the phone both Grandaddy and Mama Rosie would tell me "Don't ever forget how much we love you." I never have and I never will.

Third line is for Kashmir. Kashmir was a blue-eyed seal point Himalayan. He was my first indoor pet (I was in college) and incredibly loving. I couldn't even enter the bathroom without him - he learned how to jump up and turn the doorknob until he could push the door open. He thought he was a human (I never told him any different) and slept just like me, stretched out with his head on the pillow and his body on the bed.

Celti is represented by the fourth line. She was a blue-eyed flame point Himalayan - mostly creamy white with orange points. She looked like a sweet angel (and she was) but was the "spunkiest" of all my kitties. I lost her about 21 months ago to kidney failure. She was very brave through all the dialysis I did with IV bags but finally succumbed. I didn't want to let her go but now I wish I hadn't put her through that. I hope that if I ever have to face this again that I'll be stronger.

I miss them all so much.


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