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Brass Oval Garden Heirloom Locket 33x47mm

Brass Oval Garden Heirloom Locket 33x47mm
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Piece $6.40 OUT OF STOCK
Photo Frame Kit $0.95

Item 17380

About Heirloom Lockets

Our heirloom lockets are made of good quality, thick brass. They're made 100% in the USA! Our blog has more information about our heirloom lockets.

Optional Photo Kit

This locket has an optional Photo Frame Kit for purchase above. A Locket Photo Frame Kit contains a metal frame, backing, and acetate sheet that snap into your locket to make it easy to hold a photo. A picture of the kit is available on the left. You don't need to have one if you don't want to—but it may make it easier to store a photo in your locket.

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