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“Challenge: Monochromatic”


Description from Smoky Rose: well....almost

Inspired by Movie Chick's picks


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  1. movie chick aka susan
    movie chick aka susan says:

    i love it!…i did one when I first started called “the color purple”

  2. Mommykat Bubbly Chick
    Mommykat Bubbly Chick says:

    This is a super pretty pick!

  3. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    thanks girls!

  4. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    oooohhh, you’ve done so many way fun “challenge” ones today, I’m now looking at stones I don’t like or other kinds of challenges… for instance I saw that rhyodacite, “odd” patterned one that I’m not drawn to, would be fun to see how many kinds of Picks I could do, sorta like your “prasiolite” ones :)

  5. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    it was fun – little moments of frustration here and there, but that’s how we learn, right? and I’ve learned to better respect and even enjoy stones that I didn’t previously care for thru these challenges. went from totally hating fuschite, to it being in my shopping cart! its funny…..

  6. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    by the way, love the intense purples you have in this one, dogtooth amethyst is one stone I originally didnt pay attention to, next to my purple favs, rainbow fluorite and purple crazy lace… but your “silver plum agate” and this one remind me why I love purple!!! been trying NOT to do too many “purple” picks, too easy for me!!! :)

  7. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    can I get your gals opinion – this has been driving me nuts since I’ve been at LB. In your opinion, isn’t
    LBs Cape Amethyst really just lilac amy
    LBs Dogtooth Amethyst really Cape Amy?
    - anyone?

  8. movie chick aka susan
    movie chick aka susan says:

    i do not think i have ever seen lilac amy…

  9. J Yee smart chick
    J Yee smart chick says:

    hhhmmm… I’m no expert, but I have seen beads labeled “cape amethyst” in other bead shops… I know, it’s pretty similar in appearance to lilac amethyst… but that dogtooth amethyst is very striking w/ its white “chevron” patterns/streaking… maybe ask the L.B. folks???

  10. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    for instance: see attached

    cape amethyst from goody bead

    lilac amy from karen sugarman desligns

    Attachment Attachment

  11. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    I love purple with pewter! Very nice! :-)

  12. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Mary, another stunning pick from you! Love the deep purples with the pewter! Good question about the different types of amethysts. Have to do some research on it. This goes into my faves, too. You are on a roll, girl!!!

  13. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Forgot to tell you how cute that butterfly is in your pick!

  14. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Mary – I’m not familiar with lilac amy and this is the only only site where I’ve seen “cape amethyst.” I’ve purchased “amethyst” elsewhere the looks just like LB’s cape am. But I have found a few stones that may be know by more than one name. One of my favorite’s being prehnite (local)and LB’s gr. tourmalated quartz. See my pick “a rose by any other name” for photo. Needless to say I’ll get it from LB from now on!

    love these colors!

  15. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    that’s right! I remember you saying that now – a few weeks back. Amethyst comes in tones from super pale to super rich, depending on it’s place of origin – the lilac and rose of france, etc that are being marketed are just very pale Am. Not good – not bad, just pale – for many, that is preferred. The Cape, has always had the opaque cream and goldens and browns running thru it, it is African – and gorgeous, but I think…. and far be if for me…an amateur rock hound, that the LB dogtooth is cape – - and the LB cape is lilac…… chat, chat, chat – I love their dogtooth, regardless of what it really is – its quite nice. and too, that is the problem with common names – sometimes they’re regional, etc.

  16. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    thanks Lynn Eileen! I knew I wanted pewter with the purps – and there he was, he jumped right into my pick. I have him, but have not used yet – pretty in person!

  17. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Pretty! I’ve wondered about the amethysts to!

  18. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    ah ha! a rockhound, you know what I’m talking about! love the dogtooth, but I think its cape

  19. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    I’ve also wondered about the amethyst. Some places here just call it amethyst, others label it dogtooth and it looks like just the same thing.
    Great pick, but then, I really like purple(got a lot in my stash).

  20. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    This goes to my favs, and I may try the pewter w/ my amethyst. I’ve been using sterling silver, but like the tones you have here.

  21. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    Thanks Happy Chick!

  22. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Like Happy Chick, I’ve used sterling with purples, but now am going to try pewter. I’ve not used dogtooth amethyst before — going to have to buy some — it’s very pretty. I have the pewter butterfly you used, Mary, and now I know what colors to combine it with! Thanks!

  23. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    Okay, Do we have to use purple??

  24. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Oooo, a purple challenge?!

  25. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    need not purple. I was admiring Movie Chick’s monochromatic/mono’stone’matic Picks – and I liked purple, so that’s what I picked.
    Glad we’re all playing!!!!!!

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