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“Day Without LB...(read)”


Description from Luv2bead - Little Chick: Yesterday around 11:00am Lima Beads website started to not work (and it was the only site that wasn't working)! I restarted my computer several times, but it still kept saying that there was an error with the site. I ended up emailing Kevin and he said that no one else was having problems and that it would probably fix itself in time. I kept emailing him every now & then (I was really bored!). LOL
Then after a few hours I was panicking because it was "New Bead Day" and "Design Gallery" launch day!

I then began to wonder what would happen if the website would never work again...how would I live without Lima Beads! This morning I woke up, ran down to the computer, turned it on and clicked onto the LB link...and............it still didn't work! :'(

I asked dad if he could help and he said I'd know what to do better than he. I clicked through settings, changed them, and it still didn't work! Then we had to go shopping. We got back around 3:30pm and I turned on the computer, clicked on the site, and it still didn't work! I made labels for grandma and then clicked one last time..........AND IT FINALLY WORKED!!!!!!!!!

By the way: being off of LB (and thinking that it might never work again) for 1 day gave me my first headache :'( which must prove that I'm TOTALLY hooked!

TRUE STORY (every word)!

PS. Kevin, I hope I didn't bother you with my emails yesterday ;)


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  1. Southern Chickie
    Southern Chick says:

    That’s awful! I didn’t even have my new phone which has e-mail on it, so couldn’t do anything about it. it was still fun…

  2. Chicky Chicky Blueroze
    Chicky Chicky Blueroze says:

    OK, thats kind of funny in a way because I went thru the same thing a couple of weeks ago trying to get onto LimaBeads. And yesterday my pages wouldnt load for about 4 min. each time. It was really horrible wanting to see all the new comments and gallery designs. I feel for you Little Chick on what you went thru. But now your here and everythings ok.

  3. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    It was terrible! I just couldn’t imagine life without LB & all the Chickies! I was really panicking! ;)

  4. No Photo
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    Aw, Little Chicky, you are precious!! What would WE do without your incredible picks?? I don’t even want to think about it!

  5. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Blueroze – I know, it’s just like you want to get caught up (and it’s especially terrible on Thursdays because of new bead day & sometimes new things). Yep, I’m glad to be back!

  6. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Aw thanks Plucky!

  7. Southern Chickie
    Southern Chick says:

    Sometimes, I post a comment or 2 or 3 then nothing happens for what seems like forever…I think I’ve been deserted or something! Then all of a sudden a flood gate blows open and there will 7 or 8 at once. I think we must be jamming the systems trying to talk to each other at once!

  8. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    LOL! I know what you mean!

  9. Southern Chickie
    Southern Chick says:

    Next week we’ll be at a monastery with no media at all….No chickies. I’ll check in Sun. night or early Monday a.m. hopefully. I’ll really miss you guys! A week away with peace, and quiet and beading and reading….
    AHHH! The place is near Charleston SC it is really unique.

  10. Cotopaxi Chickie Sue
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    Little Chick, I understand your pain! I’m starting to spend more and more time getting to know you all – how awful if you just disappeared! Glad it all worked out tho’ – and love your pic – reminds me of a high cloud day in the Rockies…

  11. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    We’ll (I’ll) miss you Southern Chick! Hope you have fun though!

    Thanks Chickie Sue! Once you get to know all the Chickies, you don’t ever want to have to leave them!

  12. Southern Chickie
    Southern Chick says:

    That’s the truth!

  13. No Photo
    RubberT aka Plucky Chick says:

    We will miss you Southern Chick. It is really intense when you come back after a week! There is SO much catching up to do!! And now there’s the Design Gallery, too!!

  14. Cotopaxi Chickie Sue
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    Southern Chick, have fun at the monastery! Sounds like a wonderful trip. We’ll miss you! you’ll have to catch us all up on a wire or something!

  15. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Oh, Little Chick — now I understand sooooo much! Yesterday, I kept wondering where you were! I knew you had been away the week before, but then you were back. I knew you were so excited about the Design Gallery opening yesterday and I figured you’d be posting your gorgeous designs (some we’ve seen, some we haven’t), so I kept thinking “Where’s Nicole?” I kept hoping all was well with you, your family, Cheyenne, the rest of your pets……. Just goes to show how much I’ve grown to care about you (and the other Chicks, too!!!) during the few months I’ve been coming here! :D It’s amazing, isn’t it, this wonderful bond we’re forming here?

    I know it had to be horribly frustrating for you, Little Chick. Sorry about your headache — hopefully, this won’t happen to you again.

  16. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Well, I totally forgot to tell you how much I love the colors and gemstones in this gorgeous pick, Little Chick!!! :D

  17. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    I also had probs with the LB site yesterday — probably while they were making their switch over to the new set-up in the afternoon. :-(

  18. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    LOL — Anyone else having trouble imagining Southern Pick being silent for lengthy stretches of time? ROTFLMAO ;-)

  19. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    LOL — I mean Southern Chick, not Pick! oops!!!

  20. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Awww thanks Chicky LE! I think it’s great that LB formed a way for other beaders to become friends! I was so disappointed when I wasn’t there for the launch of the gallery (and of course the new beads). I just read through their email a dozen times wondering what the new beads looked like (they didn’t have pictures this time)! I’ll definitely be submitting some designs soon! ;)

  21. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    LOL “Southern Pick”! ;)

  22. Karen H aka Fancy Chick
    Karen H aka Fancy Chick says:

    Great pick and funny story! I feel the same way! My laptop wireless access wouldn’t work for two days while I was on vacation and I thought I would go mad without LB!

  23. ChickyD aka Debra
    ChickyD aka Debra says:

    Lovely pick! What an awful day for you! I’ve been busy lately and not on much. Usually get on late at night. It would be awful if LB didn’t come up!

  24. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    What a funny story! Us chickies are out of control! What a lovely combo of colors? It’s like a mini pick or a “Chick Pick”! LOL And I too, have been wondering about your designs Little Chick!

  25. Cuban Queen Crazy Chick
    Cuban Queen Crazy Chick says:

    I can just imagine how horrible that must have been, Little Chick!! Like you, I am completely addicted, too. Gotta log on AT LEAST once a day. You know sometimes I actually worry what if something happened with the LB site and all of our fresh picks were lost! I worry do they have enough space for all of our thousands of picks??

  26. No Photo
    Mary - Sweet Chick says:

    Little Chick, I would have been FREAKING OUT! It’s one thing when you’re on vacation or stay away by your own choice, but to have it just “go away”……I can’t imagine!
    I wondered where you were too. Now I know.
    Glad LB’s back in your life and your back with us! :-)

  27. CAS
    CAS says:

    I feel your pain Little Chick every time I go to my Nana’s house. She doesn’t have a computer, and even if I borrowed my Dad’s laptop, she has no internet connection either. Days without LB! (weeping & wailing) … monstrous agony … I’ve missed 2 Lunch Specials while visiting her. The only good thing is I’ve been stopping for play dates at Sparkle Chick’s house on the way home.

  28. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    Thanks girls! Sweet Chick – I really was FREAKING OUT! I even had a hard time sleeping (mainly because I was wondering what the Design Gallery & the new beads were like. I was also hoping that everyone didn’t think that I was abandoning them (btw: I’d NEVER do that!)

  29. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    I think I would die without Lima!! Hehehe! :-P

  30. No Photo
    Luv2bead - Little Chick says:

    LOL! Me too!

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