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Enameled Copper Jump Rings

These jump rings are made of enameled copper. What makes that so special? It makes for some of the brightest, most colorful rings you can find. First, the copper wire is plated with a layer of pure silver (this creates the brilliant shine). The wire is then colored before it is cut, so if you look closely you'll see a bit of copper at each end of your jump ring. Because these are saw-cut rings (very precise, flush cut), if you close them well, the copper will virtually disappear from view.

As with all colored rings, some fading may occur over time. Additionally, actual colors may differ slightly from batch to batch, as each spool of wire can be slightly different-- but generally speaking, the color in enameled copper is very reliable and stable.

.25 ounces $3.40

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Measurements: 5mm inner diameter

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