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“Moon Flower”


Description from Violet: I was in my garden this evening & noticed my night blooming Cereus in full regalia. So I thought how appropriate to create a pick in honor of it's beauty.
It certainly is striking, yet alas it's beauty is fleeting, as it only lasts but one night....


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  1. Violet
    Violet says:

    Here’s the picture of my Cereus, my beautiful “Moon Flower”.


  2. movie chick aka susan
    movie chick aka susan says:

    just gorgeous!!! :D

  3. ChickyD aka Debra
    ChickyD aka Debra says:

    Beautiful pick for the flower!

  4. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Violet, are you serious about your Cereus only blooming for ONE night?!?!?! It is so beautiful — such a happy/sad story. What a lovely pick to honor its brief appearance! Thanks for sharing the photo, too! :D

  5. Violet
    Violet says:

    Yes ,Lynn, sadly they only bloom after the sun goes down, and they are gone and actually fall off the cactus by morning.
    There are many buds on it right now, and they will bloom one or two a night until they have all bloomed. So, for about the next week, or maybe two, I will get to enjoy their beauty.

  6. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Glad to hear they don’t bloom all at once, so you can enjoy their beauty for more than one night, Violet! Thanks again for sharing — I’d never seen one before! :D

  7. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    Thanks for sharing Violet, like Lynn, I have never seen one before. Don’t you have a picture of those in your garden?

  8. Violet
    Violet says:

    Hi Sarah, the picture that I added on the first comment, above,
    is from my garden. My husband took it last night, when one of the blooms was at it’s full glory!! Amazing isn’t it? If you click on it , it will become larger. Maybe I’ll have him take a daytime picture too,of the entire cactus, so everyone can see the difference. It has always been one of my favorite plants!!!

  9. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    I would love to see the cactus in the daytime too. This flower is absolutely breathtaking! How wonderful is was for you to see and take a picture of it!! I would love to have a cactus like this too! Do they grow in PA? Just kidding…Is this like the flower that Mr. Wilson on Dennis the Mennis had that only bloomed once? Do you remember that movie? And of course, Dennis did something and messed up the picture that Mr. Wilson was getting taken with his once in a lifetime flower. Very funny movie!

  10. Violet
    Violet says:

    Here’s the day shot of the Cereus Cactus by day. The flower in the upper right corner is the one that bloomed the previous night. All the other blooms have yet to open. Some will tonight. This specimen is 4 foot in a pot. I have another that’s 10 foot in the ground in my backyard….


  11. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Purple Chick, I also have a night bloomer but the plant looks more like an epiphyllum. The blossom is a delicate ivory and the petals are about half as broad as the petals on your flower. I thought I had a picture of it on a computer file but apparently I don’t. I’ve had this plant since about 1974 and many of it’s progeny live all over the area.

  12. Little Round Chick
    Little Round Chick says:

    Maybe that should be…Many of its clone children live all over the area.

  13. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    Violet, you are absolutely right…this flower is gorgeous!!! Amazing that it blooms at night; I’ve only heard of plants that close their blooms at night and open them again in the warmth of the day. My Mom has had Christmas cactus and I’ve seen their flowers but nothing compares to this Moon Flower!! Thanks for the pictures and the information about them!
    Almost forgot…perfect pick to go with your flower!!! :-D

  14. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    Absolutely beautiful Purple Chick! Thanks for the pix!

  15. ChickyD aka Debra
    ChickyD aka Debra says:

    Congratulations on POD! This pick is as lovely now as it was the first time!

  16. Fashion Chick aka SC
    Fashion Chick aka SC says:

    I see the POD is back and you’re the star!
    Congratulations, Purple Chick. You chose some real beauties for your pick.

  17. Cotopaxi Chickie Sue
    Cotopaxi Chickie Sue says:

    Purple Chick, what a gorgeous pick, and a lovely story! So glad to see your pick made POD! And your pick doesn’t even have any purple in it! LOL!

  18. Violet
    Violet says:

    Thank you everyone!

  19. FaeryGoth Chick
    FaeryGoth Chick says:

    Congrats Violet! Enjoy being famous for one day :-D

  20. Mayan Chick - Lilly
    Mayan Chick - Lilly says:

    Lovely pick! Congrats on pick of the day!

  21. Elaine aka Belly Chick
    Elaine aka Belly Chick says:

    Violet, I’m so glad that they chose your Moon Flower as ‘Fresh Pick of the Day’!! Congratulations!! :-D

  22. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    Yay! POD is back! Congrats!

    Love the flower and the pick!

  23. Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    Lynn Eileen Chicky LE says:

    Hooray, POD is back and it’s a lovely one!!! Congrats, Violet, on being chosen as the Pick of the Day!!! Still love this and enjoyed the photos you shared with us! Enjoy your special day!!! :D

    Speaking of photos — Violet, I love the new photo of you and your hubby!!!! What a great looking couple! You are so beautiful! :D

  24. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    Perfect choice for POD LimaBeads! I loved it then and I love it now!
    Who is the handsome couple in your photo Purple Chick? You and hubby?

  25. Violet
    Violet says:

    Thanks everyone you are all so kind and wonderful. !!
    This was a nice surprise.!!!
    Yes Lynn, and Valentine Chick, this is me and my hubby.
    He said I could put his picture up for the day only! LOL!!!!I
    It was taken a couple of years ago when we went on a cruise.

  26. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    I know what you mean Purple Chick :)

  27. No Photo
    Deb D Grammy Chick says:

    Your Moon Flower is absolutely gorgeous! I have day lilies that only open during the day, but I would love to grow one of your Cereus. The only problem is that I don’t think that would work in PA. Thanks for the photos of this beautiful cactus!
    I love the pick to honor it, wonderful colors, and congrats on POD!

  28. Southern Chickie
    Southern Chick says:

    This is so pretty, and congrats on being POD! Have a great day!

  29. Violet
    Violet says:

    Thank you!

  30. No Photo
    Vee aka Dream Chickie says:

    So, so beautiful, Violet!!! :D

  31. No Photo
    Vee aka Dream Chickie says:

    and Congrats on your POD!!

  32. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Congratulations on your beautiful POD! Already in my favorites. Love it, and the photo is beyond gorgeous. :-)

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