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Paper Bead Kit w/ Bamboo Roller

Paper Bead Kit w/ Bamboo Roller
Sample Paper Beads

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Sample Paper Beads
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So you want to take your craft projects to an even deeper "handmade" level? Try actually making the beads to add to your creations-- this paper bead kit is your ticket to crafting extra TLC.

The kit includes:

• a special bamboo roller tool (decorated with beautiful paper beads!)

• pre-cut strips of magazine paper (your supplies!)

• special paper bead sealant (giving your beads a glossy, professional finish)

• an assortment of sample paper beads (for inspiration, of course)

• instructions for use (you can also watch our Tip & Technique video on the subject!)

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How to make a paper bead

Roll your favorite issue of Popular Mechanics or Seventeen into a paper bead using this...

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