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Red & Gray Botswana Agate Beads

Botswana agate is one of the most prized agate varieties. Our Red & Gray Botswana Agate gemstone beads display gorgeous, delicate bands of gray-brown, gray, orangey red, orange, and white. Some of the bands are transparent, allowing a fascinating view inside the structure of the stone. We love this stone!

If you love the pattern, but not the red & gray coloring, check out standard Botswana agate beads!

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More About Red & Gray Botswana Agate

This member of the agate family is a banded (a.k.a. fortification) agate. A banded agate is composed of thin, multi-colored layers of chalcedony and crystalline quartz; the different band colors arise from trace amounts of elements such as iron and manganese. Agate is mined all over the world, but Brazil, Botswana, and South Africa, and the western United States have particularly abundant supplies of interesting agate varieties.