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“Seattle Breezes....... II”



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  1. No Photo
    Jeannes Gems - Gem Chick says:

    I had to look at these side by side. This one has more purple.
    Quite lovely!!!

  2. No Photo
    Debbi aka Sparkle Chick says:

    This is so pretty…I go weak in the knees for rainbow fluorite!

  3. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    thank you!

  4. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    I like the lapidalite w/the flourite. Very nice indeed!
    I did a set with lapidalite and peace stone jasper. I really need to get that lesson on how to put pictures on here. Soon, Amy promised.

  5. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    you know what? I baggie up future projects so that I don’t forget – and that’s what I had baggied up, peace jade and lapidalite – but it’s been sitting and I want to use this fluorite – it’s talking to me – don’t know why – if I need the health coverage from it (metaphysically speaking) or what the deal is…. do you think they’re ok together, the fluorite and the lapid?

  6. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Yes, and I like the 2 different textures, and the purple lap. w/the flourite should be great.
    One thought: How hard is lapidalite? I know the flourite is relatively soft, so you might want spacers or bead caps in between if the lap. is a whole lot harder. I know I protect pearls from contact w/very hard stones so as not to rub off the nacre at the sides.
    You are the rockhound, so ?? :-)

  7. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    I also have some future projects in baggies. Sure saves time when I want to dig in and get started. ;)

  8. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    I was gonna joke and say that it was among the only ways that I’m organized, but… that’s not being nice to myself either is it…. you’re teaching me!!!

    yes, I agree, I’ll put spacers in between – for protection and to marry the project up a bit, I think.

  9. WireWrangler
    WireWrangler says:

    Harriet brings up a good point, that is the hardness or softness of the stones, refer to mohs scale. Fluorite is a 4 and Lepidolite 2.5 to 3, a bit softer than the fluorite.

    It is always a good practice to space all stones in someway, it protects them for long term wear. It is one of the reasons that pearls are strung and knotted. (There are other reasons as well). Even if you place same stones next to each other with the same hardness, they will tend to mar each other over time. Capping and spacing helps prevent this and becomes yet another opportunity for a design element.
    Just a side comment, I also put future projects together, however, I don’t bag them together. I carefully protect them, one from the other, against breakage, marring etc. I am forever scouring websites, garage sales, container stores for containers that will accomodate bead storage.

    Any suggestions?

  10. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Good idea Sally, as I learned the hard way to indiviually bag the separate types of components, and then put the whole bunch in a bigger bag. If needed, I also put in a bit of bubble wrap. That way, I don’t have soft things rubbing against the harder elements.
    WalMart has some new bead storage units that I like for my small pieces and crytals. They are larger boxes that hold a number of smaller, flat round boxes w/screw-on tops. Sometimes I just need a way to keep the little stuff sorted and visible so I don’t spend all my beadin time hunting parts.

  11. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    me too – I bag within a bag. as a rockhound, I know – came home from NC once on a hounding trip – and had too many crumbles of specimens… we all kinda learn the hard (no pun intended) way, don’t we?

  12. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Oh, yeah!

  13. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Love ‘dem rocks! The last time hubby and I went to a big flea market there was a neat booth full of geodes and polished stones of Malachite, Rose Quartz, and Green Jade, etc. We chose a couple of the polished ones (a big rose quartz heart – preetty) – The owner of the booth explained that a massage with one of the stones would help with stress, etc…Hubby was soooooooo uncomfortable…But that was nothing compared to how he felt when she started to wrap the stones carefully in a special paper with fresh rubbed sage while she explained that we were not to open the stones for three days while they were being cleansed of negative energies and purified for our personal use!!! She was apparently Wiccan and R was completely creeped!! It was quite an experience!! LOL

  14. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    kind of a cool experience. I don’t know where I stand with that ‘stuff’, but I figure it can’t hurt…. I’d be open to see if there’s anything to it…. how ’bout you?
    what was I gonna do with the nest. found the stuff in my purse – took it to work to show a coworker – he’s ‘artsy’ and has quite an eye for color…. but I can’t fully remember….it’s been a week, that’s gonna be my excuse…

  15. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    What if….. we made nests and used them as beads…. would there be any way to stabilize them, so that they would not flip?

  16. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    I thought about that, too, Smoky…the weight is the big issue, but if they were really small (like w/24-26g wire) with 4mm beads, using them as beads would be mightily cute!!! We’ll have to try that out!

    As for the ‘wiccan’ experience…I’m not too crazy about the idea…I love stones, rocks, fossils, you name it. But I don’t think they have any “powers” other than making my eyeballs happy!! Don’t really subscribe to the whole notion that they possess healing properties – It is, however, interesting to learn about – just not a belief system for me! Hope not to offend… :)

  17. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Oh, to stabilize, I’d run string all the way through the nest – It would lay against you, so flipping wouldn’t be a big deal, I don’t think…a bracelet would be more difficult – unless you used the nests as charms – oooo, very cute!!!

  18. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    no offense here, sweety. I’m not on-board with it…. just find it interesting. I have a coworker who beleives for sure – maybe… maybe placebo…. who knows, not me. here too, hope not to offend anybody. remember, I work in healthcare – I am very Western in my thinking, just by experience and circumstance….

  19. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    that’s what I was thinking too, Shannon – well, if I ever get off my tookus, it’d be worth a try…….

  20. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    I like the idea of using a nest on a bracelet….hmmm.
    As for healing powers, etc, it’s not my belief system, but OK if it makes others feel better.
    I do know that beading itself is very therapeutic for me when I am worried or stressed, and have friends who say the same. :-)

  21. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    we’re like channeling eachother today, Harriet! Yup, here too! To each their own – I’ll take stringing ‘em.

  22. Valentine Chick
    Valentine Chick says:

    Very Pretty!

  23. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    thanks Sexy Chick!!

  24. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    Sexy Chick, what’s your bear up to?

  25. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:

    Therapeutic – you bet – but sometimes it really bumps up the creative angst! I’m always so afraid I’ve made something that looks stupid or tacky!! But let that LB box arrive in the mailbox and I’m like a kid at Christmas! I literally save them until just the right moment, then slowly open the box, take out the beads and even more slowly remove each bag…really like to stretch out the whole experience – SAVOR – that’s the word!!!

  26. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    yeah, I know that feeling, Shannon – but then I’ll wear it work and get compliments and kinda smack myself for not having faith in my idea….. I hear you with savoring the LB experience – I wait till it’s quiet and I can take the time to savor, despite the urge to tear it open as soon as I walk in the door!

  27. Shannon aka Silly Chick
    Shannon aka Silly Chick says:


  28. Happy Chick aka Harriet
    Happy Chick aka Harriet says:

    Oh, Shannon, I’m so there! I’ve been making jewelry for some time now, and I caught myself today second-guessing a piece I made for my daughter-in-law to give her sister. In my head, I know it’s great, and I am not even making a profit, just pretty much breaking even, and still was wondering “is it good enough?” Why do we do that to ourselves?

  29. Kitty Chicky Cat
    Kitty Chicky Cat says:

    Beautiful pick!!

  30. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    Thank you, Kitty Chicky!!

  31. Anita QoG Funny Chick
    Anita QoG Funny Chick says:

    Gorgeous!!!! As well as informational!!!

  32. No Photo
    D D Mystic Chick says:

    pretty pick, Smoky!

  33. No Photo
    Dizzy Chick Lori Z says:

    Silly Chick, Happy Chick & Smoky Rose – I’m in the boat with you. Most of the time I spend beading is agonizing over if it is good enough, or the “perfect” combination of beads. Hours spent doing & re-doing some things…

    Smoky, I really like your Seattle series, and I think this is my fav! Nice!

  34. No Photo
    Dizzy Chick Lori Z says:

    Glad I’m not the only one who wants to roll in & caress the beads when they come! I have an eagerly anticipated order coming (maybe Monday?!)

  35. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    thank you, girls!
    I’m just hanging out being mostly quiet – I’m making something!!! :) :) yes I am!

  36. No Photo
    DOG Chick aka Angela says:

    Very, very pretty! Thanks ladies for all the tips.

  37. No Photo
    Dizzy Chick Lori Z says:

    Bead away, Smoky Rose!

    Saw your photos on another pick. If you could see through others’ eyes – Goodness, you would never have a self esteem issue again!

  38. Smoky Rose
    Smoky Rose says:

    oooh, thank you – is that ever sweet, Lori! thank you, much!
    Thank you, too, Angela!
    I’m beadin’

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