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Wubbers Small Square Mandrel Pliers

Wubbers Small Square Mandrel Pliers
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Piece $31.05

Wubbers Small Square Mandrel Pliers can add distinctiveness to your designs by forming small square jump rings or square-shaped hollow tubes and beads. The jaws are two different sizes, increasing versatility. Handling up to 16-gauge wire and 24-gauge dead soft sheet metal, these are deceptively tough. Their wide shoulders provide powerful leverage to ensure that the tool does all the work. They are comfortable for even the most arthritic hands to use, due to their unique design and padded handles.

Total Length of Pliers: 6.75 inches

Length of Jaws from Tip to Box Joint: 34mm

Larger Jaw Measures 5mm Square

Smaller Jaw Measures 3mm Square

Rated for Use with Up to 24-Gauge Dead Soft Sheet Metal and 16-Gauge Dead Soft Wire

Item # 23754

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