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  • kcwow87 commented on the Fresh Pick “wooden you be mine?”   6 months ago

    This looks so luscious it could almost be edible! Chocolates with a sweet rose wine. Anybody ready to party? XOXO

  • kcwow87 shared a new Fresh Pick: “Oh Howlie Night”   6 months ago

  • kcwow87 commented on the Fresh Pick “Magpie’s Pick #44”   6 months, 4 weeks ago

    I love your picks. I can see myself making a bracelet and some earrings with these. Great job!!!

  • kcwow87 commented on the Fresh Pick “Rose Window”   7 months ago

    These picks and colors are so divine it is as though they came straight from heaven. I will definitely be adding these to my wish list. GREAT JOB!!!

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