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Designs by Sonja

Swarovski Gold Filled Wire Wrapped Ring

I just love Swarovski crystals and I love to wrap them!!! This ring pictures do not do it justice as inside all the wrapping are about 15 really...
Components: Gold filled wire wrap, Swarovski crystals, Heavy sterling silver base ring

Crystal Silver Shade Swarovski Elegance

I LOVE Swarovski crystals... and I particularly love this tooth like pendant..Sterling silver wire wrapped and one of my favorite personal designs
Components: Swarovski crystals, sterling silver wire wrap, sterling silver beading wire

Purple Haze

I am always looking for new textures to add into my designs..I wanted to try a bib necklace and thought hmmm...lets distress some purple suede I...
Components: Purple Suede, Black Onyx

First Flower Polymer cane Necklace

I just wanted to try out a flower cane....I used transparent clays so the colors weren't as vibrant as I had hoped but none the less I wire wrapped...
Components: Polymer Clay, Sterling Clasp, Seed Bead, Sterling Wire Wrap

Snakeskin Print Leather Cuff

Well I noticed leather cuffs were back in and so I out my own personal touch on them ... I decided to recycle the bottom of a full length leather...
Components: leather and ribbon

Poly Has a New shirt and Necklace

I wanted to make a polymer clay neclkace with a zebra print..well this is as close as I could get without buying a I made one up ;)...
Components: Polymer Clay, Sterling Silver Beading Wire, Hill Tribe Silver Clasp, Black Onyx

The Perfect Day

Got this off of a friends wall.... Wanted to say Thank You to all of my friends here at LB for all of your support and friendship!!! Jewelry is...
Components: Words... not mine of course

Bows and Bling

The polymer clay...full of endless possibilities...I'm loving this medium.... this will go up for sale on my website...
Components: Rhinestone chain, Polymer clay, Wide satin black ribbon

Polymer Clay Chain-if there's a will there is a way...

Well beating the chain freakkkkkk we all know I am well I found this tutorial (Thank You Lynda!!!!) on how to make chain from polymer clay :) This...
Components: Polymer Clay, Metal Pendant

4ct man made amethyst and polymer clay pendant

I wanted to make something different try my poly with a pendant and I had a 4ct. man made pear shaped amethyst a friend gave me and thought well...
Components: Polymer clay, mand made amethyst that I wish were real ;)


This is the piece that originally had a strip of polymer clay in it and I was unhappy with it. So being the "chained up" gal that I am I made it...
Components: Glass Pearls, LB Gunmetal Chain, Swarovski Crystals


Well I'm still trying new things out with the polymer clay so this time it's a bit of chain, clay, Swarovski crystals, glass pearls... and more chain
Components: same as above

Clay Chain and Swarovski

I bought this beautiful color clay and it matched these Swarovski crystals I had no idea what to do with and I just know...took apart a plain chain...
Components: polymer clay, Swarovski crystals, gunmetal chain

Found My Way With the Clay

Swarovski crystals and braids.... I love this one Finally!!!
Components: Polymer Clay, Swarovski crystal, Ribbon

Pearls Ribbon and Gunmetal

Waiting for clay to come out of oven wanted to do something fun that I know...
Components: Glass Pearls, Black Ribbon, Two Types Gunmetal Chain

Pin and Clay

Pin I was never gonna use, and was able to put into the clay...Loving this stuff
Components: polymer clay, brooch pin, string ribbon

Long Ribbon Clay and Vintage Brooch

It's the clay....Inspiration central.. ;)
Components: Polymer clay, vintage brooch, lots of ribbon

Vintage Chain RE-DO

I hated the polymer clay that I had put with it and opened up a vintage filigree ring and made that a part of the necklace instead now I love it!!!!
Components: Vintage chain, Vintage filligree ring

Rhinestones and Ribbon

For sale maybe??? Just started with polymer and I love it now that I found my own groove...Thank You Lynda ;)
Components: Ribbon, Rhinestones, Polymer Clay

Much Better Magnet

My file cabinet currently wears this piece ;)
Components: Polymer clay and junk from grandpas garage

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