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Designs by Sonja

Chained Twice Over

The beautiful LB chain I received today...
Components: LB Gunmetal Every Other Etched Link Double Cable Chain 5mm, Large Clasp, Jump Rings

Calm Under The Waves

I was listening to one of my favorite songs and I just knew...
Components: LB Wooden Beads, Hill Tribe Sterling Toggle Clasp, Glass Pearls


The chain itself...I love chain right now and I have to get some pieces made for the boutique that carries my pieces. The girls there love my...
Components: LB Handmade Gunmetal Small Diamond & Double Ring Chain, Jump Rings, Large Clasp

Gunpowder and Snakes

I received my order from LB and the snakeskin agate is so beautiful and the chain gorgeous I couldn't refuse. It will be for sale. I love this...
Components: Gunpowder Chain, Jump Rings, Rainbow Agate

Recycled Copper

I wanted to try my hand at copper and my Grandfather was an electrician so I found some copper wire in his garage and peeled the stuff(?) off, and...
Components: Copper Electrical Wire, Vintage Copper Beads

Labradorite and Black Onyx 20"

I just made it today..just loving labradorite and black onyx together! Added some other gems and voila..!!!!
Components: Sterling Silver Chain, Sterling Silver Beads, Freshwater Button Pears (LB), Labradorite, Black Onyx, Hill Tribe Toggle Clasp

Labradorite Labyrinth

My original fresh pick inspired the necklace. I ordered pieces from that pick. I received the order today and stared at them for hours until it...
Components: Sterling silver chain, Black Onyx, Labradorite, Hill Tribe Toggle

Brass Multi Layer Chain

Four strand brass chain necklace. Just finished it. Love it..will sell it, but I do want this one for myself. I love so many different...
Components: Lots of jump rings, brass chain, brass wire wrap, brass toggle clasp

Embellish My Belt Bracelet

I wanted to work with leather and use my vintage brooch..I love satin and tulle. I had no idea how hard it was going to be to put the snaps in the...
Components: Brown Leather Belt, Stainless Steel Heavy Duty Snaps, Satin Ribbon, Tulle, Vintage Brooch

Crystal Persuasion

The 50mm Swarovski pendant inspired the necklace....I love it. Once I started I didn't stop until I was done. It measures 36" without the...
Components: Sterling silver clasp, Swarovski crystals

Vintage shoe clip to beautiful pendant

I was in a slump and had some vintage pieces in my Craftsman and said I'm pulling myself out of this!!!! I had some great brass chain and saw the...
Components: Brass chain, Vintage shoe clip

Black Onyx Explosion

It was inspired and now being worn by my beautiful aunt Sandra. I love it because I love black is supposed to empower women, and I love...
Components: Black Onyx, Liquid Silver

Swarovski Eternity Ring

I love Swarovski crystals and I love to wrap rings...especially in gold filled wire wrap. The colors inspired me. The way the sun hits the...
Components: Gold filled wire wrap, Swarovski crystals

Snowflake Obsidian and Onyx Combine

I love this piece because I love black onyx and the snowflake obsidian gives it the just the right amount of color. This piece of my collection is...
Components: Sterling silver toggle clasp, Snowflake Obsidian, and Black Onyx.

Turquoise and Swarovski Silver Rose

This piece was inspired by my mother who never wears silver but it suits her just right. I love this piece because it is dainty and yet the Hill...
Components: Silver beading wire, natural turquoise, Swarovski crystals, 1.8mm round sterling silver beads, and Hill Tribe silver rose pendant.

Rock and Roll to Black Tie

The Piece was designed by myself and inspired by my love for all things punk...and elegant. I have no idea who is wearing the piece now as it was...
Components: Black Ribbon, Stainless Steel Chain, Vintage Hand-Picked Pearls, Rondells, and Seed Bead.

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