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  • Nancy Mc commented on the Design “Dirt Roadies”   17 hours, 45 minutes ago

    These are just gorgeous. Such professional polished work!!

  • Nancy Mc commented on the Design “Cherry Blossoms and a Summer Tree”   1 week, 3 days ago

    Oh my word,how beautiful! Chrome Diopside is a dreamy stone,isn’t it? Your work is impeccable,as always. these are wonderful to look at on a gray winter’s day. I Hope you have something nice made with your loose Chrome gems. I have a small silver ring,with one stone,that’s set eat to west,and I wear it every day. [...]

  • Nancy Mc commented on the Design “Round Stone Bracelet”   1 month ago

    Ohhhhh…aaahhhhh. It’s nice to see them with the rounds, I had actually wondered about that
    and glad you took the time to post. I’m especially in love with the Carnelian,because they’re so organic and no two stones are the same. Wonderful to stare at!!

  • Nancy Mc commented on the Design “Passel o’ bracelets”   1 month ago

    Oh Becky…these are all wonderful. Of course,I favor the green and blue Kyanite . You sure found some fantastic quality stones,and your work is impeccable as always. I’d wear any of these. Oh oh oh,and Rose quartz…yum! :+)

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  • Michelle
    On July 26, 2015 Michelle said:

    Hi Nancy, just wondering how you are! We were in a hot spell, but then the rain came and everything went cool! Haven’t made much jewellery lately, but am in the middle of making a necklace, you will see it soon! How about you, what are you up to at the mo!? Look forward to hearing from you !
    Best wishes, Michelle x

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