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Designs by Nancy Mc

Real Housewives of New Hampshire

A little humor,while showing off these great briolettes. Technically,they're Green Quartz,but Green Amethyst sounds more exotic to me. 2nd photo...
Components: Green Quartz, (brio and trillion cut, )GP wrapping wire, GP hoops from upcycled "80's" necklace, GF ear wires.

"Clouds Over Caribbean"

These clusters remind me of storm clouds over the ocean,while I was in the Bahamas.The gray clouds over the green/blue water was so beautiful.
Components: Reconstituted Chalcedony faceted rounds 10mm, Dyed Blue faceted Quartz, and Labradorite faceted rondelles, smooth Apatite rondelles, SP head pins, and SP ear wires.

Odd Stone Out

Here's a simple dangle,with stones you don't see often very often. I'm interested in rocks that have something "going on" color change,or...
Components: Muscovite Ovals, Sunstone Heishi beads, Labradorite rondelles, SP wire, and SS ear wires.

Happy Hour

These new YUMMY green Chalcedony remind me of Margarita mix,and I added an orange garnish! ;+)
Components: Lime green Chalcedony briolettes (13x9), Carnelian biolettes, SP wire, and SS ear wires.

Playing Solitaire

A little fun with Rivoli Cubic Zirconia.
These beads are great!
Components: Rivoli CZ beads, SP wire, SS filled ear wires, GP wire, and GF ear wires.

"First Memory"

This is my first memory wire bracelet.
(About time)! Feel like I'm at summer camp...LOL! Found some great 6" bead strands for $1.50 each,last...
Components: Assorted unidentified beads, Blue Quartz, Apatite, memory wire, 6 mm jump rings, and SS ball head pins.

"Berry Patch"

Having a little fun with Shell Pearls.I've noticed that pinks and purples are really popular this summer.
Components: Shell Pearls in Black Cherry 8mm, and Dragonfruit 6mm (from Lima Beads.) Prehnite rondelles(6mm), and Swarovski bicones 4mm, Sugalite bead. SP ball headpins, SP pre made chain, and Pewter flower bead. Earrings...Same as above, with SP spacer discs, and SS ear wires.

"Crazy Science"

Hey ladies.This is one pair of earrings,under different lighting. The oval beads are supposed to be "Quartz" but of course are either lab grown,or...
Components: Carved Rock Crystal, man made Quartz, SP wire and jump rings, SS filled ear wires.

"Mystic Magic"

Hi Ladies! I wanted to share these simple earrings,so you could see the most beautiful Mystic Quartz EVER!!
I only bought 2 beads,and have been...
Components: Mystic Blue Quartz, Sterling Silver beads, headpins, and ear wires.

"Black and White"

I just love brios,and this Onyx has an interesting shape and cut. I dressed it up with some very pretty Moonstone.
These are simple,like lots of...
Components: Onyx briolettes (12x15), Moonstone rondelles, SS ball headpins, SP wrapping wire, and SS ear wires


Another dainty and simple "jump ring design." This time, to showcase these dreamy little Prehnite stones that I've just received. (Yay)! There's...
Components: Prehnite and Peridot rondelles, SP jump rings, head pins, and ear wires.

"Blood From a Stone"

Red Spinel! What can I say? I just love these little stones.
I've had them for a while now,and just purchased some big juicy Quartz...
Components: Tiny Red Spinel, Clear Quartz Crystal, SS ball headpins (28G), SP headpin 20G, SP Daisy spacers, SS chain and bail.

"Dedication to Jane MS"

My inspiration came from the beautiful design by Jane MS,from her 'Spring Break' kit. Her earrings had such a nice length,and balance. I have...
Components: Labradorite, Aquamarine, Smoky Quartz, and Chalcedony rondelles, Blue foil crystals, glass round 3mm, glass rondelle in bright aqua, 4mm Czech Fire Polished Glass in in 'Blueberry/ Green Tea' from Lima, SP daisy spacers, SP head pins, SP Antique earwires from Lima, and SP jump rings 6mm.

Watermelon Tourmaline Wraps

Hi everyone. I've just finished wrapping these,and had to share them with my fellow rock hounds. Gotta love the one shaped like a perfect...
Components: Watermelon Tourmaline slices. (4mm-7mm) approx, SP wire 26 Gauge.


Simple design,with little gems that take my breath away! ;)
Components: Green Apatite, Blue Kyanite, SP wrapping wire, and SS ear wires.

"Vitamin C"

This was a challenge, to see how many single loops I could fit on a jump ring. (Quite a few).
Feel free to utilize my "sophisticated photography...
Components: Carnelian, Iolite, FW Pearls, SP ball headpins, SP Antique Ear Wires from Lima Beads.

"Bubble Gum Glam"

I have lots of Cherry Quartz,but I really like the shape of these chunky brios.
After wrapping them,I remembered my new Shell Pearls in...
Components: Cherry Quartz, 6mm Shell Pearls in Dragonfruit (from LB), 4mm Swarovski Bicone in 'Padparadscha' color.

"After the Storm"

My inspiration was from Moss Agate in another designer's piece. I don't remember who is was. Here it is, with it's perfect partner,the Green Onyx....
Components: Moss Agate from Lima, Green Onyx ovals, SP wire, and SP antique ear wires from Lima.

"Tiny Treasures"

My inspiration? Apatite brios! What more can I say? These little chunks of the earth send me right into orbit. ;)
I added an additional pic of the...
Components: Apatite briolettes (5mm aprox), SP wrapping wire 26 G, SS ear wires. Also Apatite brios from same strand, 6MMish, and Green Onyx rondelles.

"Shell Pearl Punch"

After seeing some designs using Dragonfruit Shell Pearls,I had to get some. Here they are with 2 other colors. I used gold findings,as I feel they...
Components: Shell Pearls from Lima Beads. 6mm Dragonfruit, 8mm Black Cherry, 12mm Raspberry, vermeil spacers, 24 gauge GF headpins, and GF ear wires.

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