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Designs by puppychick labratbecky

Just Curious... possible remake

What if I added just these 2 dangles to the focal? Better? or too much?
Components: added to Olde Romance

Olde Romance

More body parts from 2 necklaces ago! :) This one was more of a struggle because I wanted to add too much into it. I finally settled on a simple...
Components: Czech glass turbines, LB, Pearls-white from LB, peach from my stash, Vintaj brass parawire, flower cap, and other beadcap, LB, Czech glass flowers, my stash, Irish waxed Linen, LB, and 2 colors of seed beads, LB, there is also a peach moonstone iside that Vintaj flower. :) from my stash.

Seed Pods

More shell chunks and a glorious ceramic pendant by Petra.

Notice the woven seed bead and chain back strand. It's from my trials and errors...
Components: Ceramic pendant-Petra of Scorched Earth. Crystals, Vintaj brass chain, parawire, and headpins, Irish waxed linen, seed beads, and shell chunks, all LB!

Peach Blossoms

I still have all this Vintaj brass and peach colored stuff all over my table so I did another set. I also ended up with 2 strands I did not use so...
Components: Vintaj brass chain, parawire, charms, and beadcaps, silk ribbon, seed beads, crystals, and shell chunk beads--all LB! Czech glass peach rondelles and cream flowers, my stash.


Playing with PC
Components: PC SculpeyIII, Guilder's paste, Vintaj paints, both LB, glitter nail polish

Vintage Fen

Marsh plants and turtles in vintage, Vintaj brass and peach/pink toned beads.

FYI: I hammered all the fern leaves flat because I like how they...
Components: Vintaj brass chain, parawire, and charms, freshwater pearls, seed beads, all LB, Czech glass beads, my stash.

Blissful Flamingo

Framing one of Petra's pieces took a lot of trial and error but I really like how it turned out. :)
Components: Flamingo is ceramic by Petra at Scorched Earth on Etsy. Seed beads, Leather, Irish waxed linen, Crystals all from LB, Base metal silver beads- LBS, button-Hancock's

Oak Woods

Everything but the kitchen sink. This was inspired by one of my picks which was so long ago I have forgotten its name. I am trying to paint a...
Components: Green tourmaline, jungle jasper chips, biwa pearls, green quartz, magatamas, Irish waxed linen, green tourmalinated quartz, Vintaj acorn bead caps, Vintaj chain, Vintaj parawire and jumprings, Vintaj oak leaf, Green Girl squirrel, and a piece of leather cord, ALL!! Lima Beads!!

Soft PInks

My same old design but with much smaller stones. If I call this a gift, can I make it a Christmas design? :)
Components: Rhodochrosite, LB, Leather Cord, LB, waxed Linen, LB, superduos, LB, button, LB (you can get it all in one shopping trip if it is all still available. :) )

Sparkles All Around

I began by trying to embellish a wire wreath. Next time I will try a bigger one so the wreath part shows but I kind of like how this designed...
Components: Swarovski crystals, Vintaj Arte Metal Parawire, LB, SoftFlex Silver Plated Pewter wire, LB

Icy Blues

Another braided button bracelet which today feels right at home in frigid Minnesota.
Components: Blue Lace Agate nuggets (from ?), leather cord, waxed linen, seed beads, all LB, and a bronze button.

And more earrings


I added another view of the green one. I wrestled with that for a whole day, too. Can't tell you how many times I took it apart. :)
Components: ditto

More earrings, check Etsy later

Petra ceramics and sweat and inspiration.
Components: Ceramics, Swarovski crystals, Czech glass, Vintaj wire, seed beads, lots of this stuff from LB

Sea Stars

More Petra inspired earrings. I made about a dozen pairs last week.
Components: Ceramic drop, Petra, Vintaj starfish, and wire, LB, seed beads, LB, Czech glass, LB

Jack and the Beanstalk

A ceramic Drop from Petra and a lot of "plant" material. :)
Components: Ceramic drop, Petra, Seed beads, Vintaj Wire & jumprings all LB, Czech Glass FLowers, stash, silver leaves, stash.

Driftwood Bundles

Ceramic driftwood and the season we are in drove the design. I made all the wire components by hand. :) Practice, practice, practice.
Components: Ceramic pendants by Petra at Scorched Earth on Etsy, Czech Glass leaves (my stash) and Apollo gold rounds (LB), Pewter Wire, LB, Waxed Linen, LB

Delicate Blues

My neighbor discovered me on Etsy , bought a few pieces, then commissioned this set! Love ya, Suzanne!! :)

The last 2 pics are Jocelyn trying...
Components: Iolite, Chalcedony, Steel wire, Chain. Possibly all from LB.

Autumn Glow

Lie on your back on a Fall day, look up, and you will see golden leaves with silvery undersides drifting to the ground around you.
Components: Yellow Lace Agates, LB, Freshwater pearls, my stash, Czech glass rounds, LB, Czech glass leaves, Etsy, Seed beads, LB, Pewter wire, LB, Chain, LB.

Hibiscus and Hummingbird

I made these for a Christmas gift last year, gave my friend something else, and forgot I had these until today. They just went up on my Etsy shop.
Components: Muscovite, LB, Freshwater pearls, Tierracast charms, surgical steel ear wires, silver plated chain and findings.

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