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Designs by miss e


If it is still hot and humid where I live I can still make summery jewelry. These earrings are supper long and dangly. And this is the first time I...
Components: metal beads, wood beads, recycled glass chips, pearls, metal drops, purple crystals, 20 gage wire, 26 gage wire


These were inspired by a book by Sharilyn miller.I started out making a choker, and ended up making earrings. They make a nice clanking noise when...
Components: blue glass rounds, pearls, yellow lentil beads, light blue crystals, copper blanks, 26 gauge wire, 20(?) gauge wire

Beach Combing

I made these two awhile ago, the shell I found on a Florida beach. The memory wire necklace some one gave me. I crocheted the other necklace. It...
Components: Necklace 1 recycled orange glass rounds, recycled blue rounds, wood beads, grey embroidery floss, clasp, jump ring, Necklace 2 shell, wire, memory wire necklace

For the Beach

I made these a couple weeks ago and promptly dropped one on a hard floor,
I just now got around to fixing it.
The earrings are super light and...
Components: shell beads, blue pearls, wire, ear wires, chain

Barbed Wire Baubles

First - thank you to all who helped with the name. I made this one more substantial than the last two and I wrapped one strand with pink...
Components: Teal czech glass puffs, pink czech glass tear drops, cobalt blue barrel crystal, tangerine crystal rondelle, light blue crystal, green rondelle crystal, Impression Jasper heishi, Tiger Eye chip, Blue Calsilica Jasper heishis, pink pearls, blue glass bead, African Turquoise pillow, gold seed bead, gray crystal, Smoky Quartz rondelle, teal seed beads, sea foam drop seed bead, glass flower bead, metal disk, teal seed bead, light blue recycled glass nugget, green recycled glass chip, light blue recycled glass chip, orange recycled glass rounds, light green recycled glass rondelle, Whew! That's a lots of beads!. rebar wire, 26 gauge wire, pink orange yarn

Bits and Pieces

Still using rebar wire - I think I will make one more and make it a bracelet set. Any name ideas?
Components: recycled blue glass chips, teal recycled round, orange recycled glass rounds, small brass blanks aqua blue teal Czech glass puff, Czech glass pink-orange tear drops, carnelian heishis, red ceramic bead, red seed bead, dark blue pearl, altered Chinese coin charm, shell heishis, shell tube bead, orange crystal rondelles, Golden Pyrite chip, gold seed bead, metal bead, teal seed bead, light teal drop seed bead, leather 26 gage wire, rebar wire, glue

Just a Bit Worn

I am running out of my normal gage wire so I took some of my dad's rebar wire to make this bracelet. I like designs that use bits and pieces for a...
Components: Carnelian heishis, light pink pearl, light blue crystal, small wood bead, teal seed beads, recycled glass rondelles, recycled glass squaredlle, recycled glass rounds, recycled glass chips, blue seed bead, metal disk, shell bead, Russian coin?, small orange crystal rondelle, blue glass bead, dark blue crystal with AB, rebar wire, 26 gage craft wire, pink yarn, super glue


I made these awhile ago. It was one of those designs that just came together from the beads laying around on my table.
Components: teal seed beads, red glass rice beads, leftover chain, head pins, glass aqua teal beads, ear wires

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