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Designs by A Little Pizzaz aka Judy

Little Fishy Swam

With me, it's just about always how the colors play off of each other. I particularly like this combination.
Components: I started this a year ago, and am not sure but the silver chain came from Lima Beads as did the glass beads. I'm not sure where I got Mr. Fish from.


Still have paper beads. I love the colors and the feeling of this.
Components: Paper beads, resin beads and turquoise beads from my stash; sari silk and seed beads from LB.

Birds in the Tree

I was curious about the paper beads so when I saw a strand at a flea market, I bought it. I Love the colors and the lightness and lightheartedness...
Components: African paper beads, some red beads I've had forever, bird pendant and cross from my stash and seed beads and jasper rondelles from LB.


the Pendant - a butterfly - again!
Components: Porcelain butterfly pendant, Amazonite, Czech beads and clasp from LB; Amazonite spikes and burgundy pearls from a friend who was destashing.


Sweet Birch Designs cuff - I absolutely love it; not sure I've done it justice yet.
Components: Sweet Birch Designs Cuff, chain, clasp and Czech beads from LB


I wanted to do a piece that spoke of tranquility.
Components: Earthenwood Studio pendant, Czech glass from LB, wooden beads, Amaonite beads and chain from stash and TC clasp.


The one remaining bead from the bundle I bought from Asia inspired this necklace.
Components: Asia's bead, Czech beads from LB, gray resin beads (that I never thought I'd find a use for) some small black beads that I've had forever and chain from my stash.


Asia's beads are the inspiration. I fell in love w/them and bought them. I didn't realize at the time it was her shop on Etsy. Her work is...
Components: Asia's beads (THANK YOU, ASIA), Czech glass beads, some chain from stash.


I love the way this sparkles in the light. A friend gave me some of the stones and that was the inspiration.
Components: Crazy Lace Agate, Czech glass beads from LB. A friend gave me the cherry quartz and amazonite' wooden beads and chain from stash.


I wanted to make a gift for my wonderful friend Nancy.
Components: A lot of Czech glass beads; LB crazy lace, amethyst and chain from my stash; ruby quartz from a friend and Lipstick Ranch pendant.


I love the dragonfly pendant from Green Girl; it's really much prettier in person than in the pictures.
Components: Czech beads; LB chain, crystal opals and amazonite, GG pendant and charms; amber, crystal and darker amazonite that I had on hand.

Merry Month of May

I love the shine and glow of the beads; they look happy.
Components: Yellow glass beads, purple jasper and other beads all from Lima Beads. The focal amethyst and brown agate from my stash.


Pretty green glass beads w/swirl are the inspiration. It reminds me of the colors after a summer rain when the sky starts to clear.
Components: Blue crystal beads and Czech beads from LB; lampworked lime green and blue beads from stash.


The continuing desire to create summery light-heated pieces. I particularly love the amber and purple jasper together.
Components: LB Purple jasper, chain, TC silver beads; Czech beads and amber and the 2 large blue beads from my stash. I've had them so long I don't know what they are. Pendant created by sacrificing and old necklace and removing the flat orange disk.


I wanted to do something bright, summery and light-hearted.
Components: Nunn silver jump rings, TC silver beads, LB carnelian and Czech glass beads; amber and sodalite from stash.


Love the Pave bead; I think this could be dressy or dressy casual and would go w/a lot of looks.
Components: LB pave bead, crystal, black beads and silver chain. TC silver-plated beads.


This is a necklace for a mermaid; I'm sure they wear them - I love the color - kind of a winey purple.
Components: LB Chain and Czech black beads and topaz, freshwater pearls.


Started out wanting to make something bright, and thought of a young couple I know who got married a year ago in Africa - hence the inspiration!
Components: (Another) Carnelian slab, faceted Carnelian, Jasper Rondelles, tiny gold beads from LB, PH copper Tree Spirit Charm; chain, ruby-dyed jade and different agates from my stash.


Bought the amethysts and amazonite at the same time; had no plans of using them together, but when I saw how they looked together - went together...
Components: Crystal opals and chain from LB. Amazonite and Amethysts from another source.


This is for a friend. I think this looks just a bit old fashioned and think that may suit. I've had the GG pendant for ages and finally put it to...
Components: TC silver beads, GG pendant, LB chrysocolla beads, Czech yellow beads and butterscotch beads; carnelian chunks and agate I had on hand.

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