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Designs by A Little Pizzaz aka Judy


I wanted to do something for Valentine's Day that was just a little bit funky; I'm not sure I'm done w/it yet; have to search out a black clasp I...
Components: GG Pewter Rose Pendant; LB black chain; a few Czech glass beads and some dyed jade from my stash. The purpose of the silver bead is to hide the crimp; I then added the dangle to keep the silver bead from moving up on the chain.


This was a special request who wanted the labradorite beads in a choker. I love labradorite any which way I find it.
Components: Two different shades of labradorite, some from LB; silver beads from TC; rest from my stash.

Spring's Promise

This is the first appearance of flowers in the Spring - crocus, tulips, etc.
Components: LB Carnelian slab, silver beads, faceted carnelian beads and crystal opals. Had on hand amazonite and amethysts and lapis.


someone made a labradorite necklace a couple of months ago; there have been more since. It's always been a favorite, so I thought I'd have a go.
Components: Puff Lab, chain on hand. LB silver. Drop from LB crystal opal and some tiny crystals that I had.


This was a request for a chunky Buddha necklace. As always w/me, it's all about the color. I used the colors from their flag for this.
Components: LB silver chain and beads, yellow glass beads, carnelian and jasper, opal crystal rondelles. I had on hand porcelain rust color beads agate from Tibet, red glass beads and denim lapis.


I got my inspiration from some of Ali's designs. I wanted to attempt something a bit funky. I made this for an artist friend who has edgy taste.
Components: LB teal Impression Jasper, Tagua Nut Violet Large Hole Rondelles and Metallic round leather cord. Also, I piled on chain that I had on hand and some large white resin beads. The end bead (face) is one I've had forever.

Night lights

I love these porcelain beads and the color combination.
Components: LB jasper rondelles, gold glass beads; porcelain beads and turquoise rondelles that I had on hand.


The pendant is the inspiration; I thought it was very pretty and different; I also found it very difficult to figure out how to display it.
Components: LB shell pearl, black horse eye chain; TC Antique silver bail; some silver beads I had on hand and of course the Earthenwood Pendnat. I'm not sure I'm really happy w/this. I'll have to sleep on it.


The Carnelian slab - almost pure white was the inspiration. Carnelian is one of my favorite stones - it's beautiful.
Components: LB Carnelian slab and stones, Czech beads, some jasper and some dyed jade I had on hand.


Chrysocolla nuggets from LB are the inspiration - such a beautiful shade of green - almost emerald at times.
Components: LB Chrysocolla nuggets, coral and TC Rhodiumclasp along with some rust-colored ceramic beads and a few silver beads I had on hand.

Evening Duet

It's 2 necklaces that can actually be 3 - if you wear them together. I was going to do a double strand then thought it would be neat if I made 2...
Components: Some of the still remaining crystal, LB chain and Czech beads.


Friends have asked that I make some chokers, so here is the first. I love blue and purple together.
Components: LB recycled glass, Czech glass beads and some crystal quartz and amethysts that I had on hand.


All the colors appealed to me. The pendant is large - initially I was going to do something long, and then decided on short and sweet.
Components: Foil Glass pendant, Russian Amazonite, Czech glass flowers, tiny silver beads and TC silver bail. The little Czech flowers that I ended the strands with look very like one of the flowers in the pendant.

Brandy Wine

Topaz crystal from LB. Just love to see it sparkle. There isn't much of a design here. My main reason for showing this is these beads the topaz...
Components: LBTopaz crystal and some left over larger crystals and a few gold rondels.


Gaea Ceramic Heart is the inspiration love ceramic pieces. The colors particularly appeal to be me; understated yet they can hold their own.
Components: Gaea Ceramic Heart, Czech beads; LB fossil coral; amethyst, suede and chain I had on hand.


White howlite flat teardrop inspired me to do a winter piece - with all the colors of the winter sky. This is one of the few necklaces that...
Components: LB white howlite teardrops and beads, blue recycled glass, some Czech beads, gold glass beads, some amethysts, silver beads and suede. Also gray resin for those cloudy days.

Office Party!

I'm still in party mode. I promise after Christmas I will do something amazingly different. In the meantime, I still have crystals that are...
Components: Crystals, black and red glass beads and chain I had on hand.


Supply of crystals is what has inspired me (this is the last I believe for a while). Fun to work w/crystals because they are so alive.
Components: Crystals, Cherry Quartz, died freshwater pearls, a few silver beads and chain.


PH Howling Wolf pendant is the inspiration - love all of her stuff! It's been rough going w/this. I have changed and changed and changed again....
Components: PH Howling Wolf pendant, LB copper chain and clasp; 1 coral bead; Czech glass moons and the other tiny, tiny beads I had on hand.


It's all about upcoming festivities. I love the way it sparkles. I was inspired by my other piece party (which I have sold) to make another...
Components: LB recycled blue glass beads, a few tourmaline beads, a few tiny amethyst drops, crystal, silver beads and silver chain.

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