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I love seeing the designs here and feel as though I am bewitched by the designs and ideas I see and read about.

I live in Renton, Washington, south east of Seattle. I have been interested in glass since I was a child collecting sea glass from the beach at my home town of Edmonds, Washington, about 16 miles north of Seattle on Puget Sound. I planned to save my sea glass until I retired and got older, so I could decide what my plan was to do with it all. Between about 1993 and 1997, I met a woman who got me involved in beading. The late Arleen Sutton. She lived in the Olympia area of Washington, and eventually I would go over to visit her and she would share some of her beads with me as I admired them. Eventually I moved away and she passed away in about 2005 from Parkinson’s Disease.

Even though I have been collecting beads and supplies for the last nearly 20 years, I have not done so much with it, except to drool over the designs and ideas at the best online places to order things. Right now, I am trying to teach myself how to do wire wrap . . . simple kind. And after looking at so many of the necklace designs on Lima Beads, I am falling in love with gemstones. There are so many things I want to learn, and I am hoping that there will be more online classes and tutorials. Everyone who has ever created a necklace and uploaded it onto this site has given me more inspiration and ideas.

I’ve become a bit unable to get around so well, need to use a walker most places. I’m hoping to get a knee replacement perhaps next year.

I am also writing a book or two, one will be of local history about my old home town, and there may be other books related to my own memoir, as well, for the future. Being retired gives me lots of time to do whatever I want to do.

My husband Ray, and I, have been married since May 2013 and we have four pet-kids . . . three kitties and one parakeet. We don’t watch TV, but we borrow lots of DVD documentaries to watch as part of our ongoing armchair travel.

It there is any other info about me, please feel free to ask me and I will do my best to answer.

@Ali, you certainly have some wonderful and interesting designs and tutorials.

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  • BeadWitchedSara D commented on the blog post Earth Day Inspiration   1 week, 6 days ago

    I especially love the Daydream Catcher, the Northern Lights, and the Blooming Sunflower!!!!BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

  • BeadWitchedSara D commented on the Design “Mauve”   2 years, 7 months ago

    WOW! An amazing set of jewelry!!! Love the colors and texture and design of these. Stunning!!!

  • BeadWitchedSara D commented on the Design “Puppy Love”   2 years, 7 months ago

    That puppy is adorable, as is your design. I click every morning for three different donations of food for animals . . . cats, dogs, and rainforest animals, plus any other things I can donate to, that only require clicks for others to buy the kibble or other things. Does this organizaton have any kitty ones [...]

  • BeadWitchedSara D commented on the Design “Botswana Beauty”   2 years, 7 months ago

    I like the combination of the rounds with the rectangles of the Botswana Agate together. One day I will buy some of this type of agate myself . . . like most gemstones, it has such a variation of designs. The orange cord looks good with it, too. Seems like a design of simplicity, but I [...]

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