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Designs by BeadWitchedSara D


This necklace is about my DNA sister and I. The other necklace that is twin to this one is for me. This one is for her. For her birthday. We...
Components: Faceted aqua colored glass AB, cobalt blue tube beads, copper wire, copper-colored potato pearls, copper clasp, copper crimp covers.

Unakite Focal with Wire-Wrapping

I believe this is going to be a focal in yet another necklace. I am also tempted to use it to try my hand at bead embroidery. Love the forest...
Components: Unakite, probably and bare copper wire, so far.

Ruby and Gold Focals

I love ruby red. These have been sitting in my stash for eons . . . the ruby reds only 2-3 years. The gold and others have been there longer, a...
Components: Swarovski Crystal Graphic Beads and rounds in ruby red, some other crystal ruby-like rounds, gold plate filigree beads, gold-plate or perhaps small brass beads, and silver-plated eyepins . . . so far. This is a work in progress!

Forest Fire and Smoky Sky

Forest Fire and Smoky Sky was one of the first necklaces i ever made, about 18 years ago. Most of the beads had been given to me by the late...
Components: Lots of different glass beads, both transparent and not, some howlite and other things. These beads mostly no longer exist in stores. If they did, I would love to get more of the glass black ravens.

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