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Designs by Sandra Martinez

Shangri la

Did I spell that right? Anyway,straight from the Silk Road across the high mountains. Turquoise and smokey quartz with Bali silver.
Components: turquoise, smokey quartz, Bali silver, sterling silver

Lord of Coba

Straight from the Lord of Coba's tomb in South America. The Incas loved lapiz and gold together. So I figure if it works for him, it will work for me!
Components: lapiz lazuli, antique gold

Big Blue

Another huge agate slice and bits and pieces of different blue and green gemstones with little blue/green shimmer seed beads in between each bead.
Components: agate slive, magnasite, green swirl agate, sterling silver

Far Out

Well, you see I got this huge slice of I had to go big or go I added silver plated hammered rings and pink crazy lace agate...
Components: Crazy Lace Agate, hammered silver plated rings, rubylite, seedbeads and a whole lotta head pins!

Circle Song

This pendant is a green stripe amazonite that has shiny stripes that are fabulous! I paired it with jasper, mother of pearl circles with beads...
Components: Amazonite, jasper, mother of pearl, sterling silver


This pendant is, of course, by our most talented Lynda the Diva. I made this for my twin sis who love flowers and pastel colors. I used candy...

Birch Trees

I surrounded this crazy horse JASPER with blace seed beads and used red tigereye,crazy horse jasper and pink shell beads.
Components: JASPEER, pink shell, red tigereye

Rock Rose

This striped red JASPER rose caught my eye and begged to be created. So I added long twisted beads of JASPER and seed beads to add some interest.
Components: Red Jasper, seed beads

Japanese Garden

Black branches hang in the silence of a Japanese Garden.
Components: Rhodocrosonite, onyx, antique silver

Madison's Square Garden

Carved yellow roses and pyrite leaves adorn Madison's square garden.
Components: green line jasper, serpentine, pyrite, silver plated findings

Nubian Queen

Inspired by ancient Egypt and the treasures of the pyramids! Lost in time in a Queen burial tomb.
Components: Leopardskin Jasper, aventurine, smokey quartz, copper

Peach Blossom

I made this a long time ago...loved the combination of colors. It is peach aventurine flower,leopardskin Jasper,glass copper fancy beads and copper...
Components: Leopardskin Jasper, peach aventurine, glass beads, copper, crytals

Shawnee Princess

Don't know why I was hoarding this turquoise..wanted this piece to look Native American influenced.I used antique silver and sterling silver. The...
Components: turquoise, antique silver, sterling silver

Jealous Heart

This beautiful Russian Serpentine heart has lovely minty green striations. I paired it with black shinny onyx,antique silver bead caps and green...
Components: Russian Serpentine, crystals, anqtique silver, sterling silver

Tutti Fruiti

Multi color Soocho Jade and copper crystals spice up this fruit salad!
Components: Soocho Jade, crystals, copper

Opposites Attract

This was inspired by Leigh's pick "Sunlit Violets"! The glass beads have a purple swirl in them and so I paired it with amethyst. It has an antique...
Components: Red Aventurine, Amethyst, glass beads, sterling silver, antique silver

Rock Garden

After a rumble thru my stash, I came up with this..used up bits and pieces and had alot of fun doing it!
Components: casilica jasper, turquoise, agate, bone pendant, mother of pearl pearls, brass

Pharaoh's Treasure

This is Eqyptian inspired by their love of gold and black and scarabs! I wanted it to look like it was found in a treasure trove in a tomb. I used...
Components: cloisonne, swarovski crystals, vermiel findings

Summer Garden

I dug into my stash for this one..and combined two old designs into this one. It is a serpentine carved donut with a Hill Tribe butterfly about to...
Components: Serpentine, Chalcedony, Swarovski crystals, sterling silver

Inca Rose

Ok all you chicks and your stunning pink picks! This is a result of your inspiration! I used a pink river shell flower,rhodochrosite with pyrite,...
Components: Shell, rhodocrhosite with pyrite, pyrite, sterlin silver

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