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My name is Donna and I am from West Chester, Ohio a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio. I am retired. I found this site in 2012. I retired in May 0f 2013. But, I just have started to be able to design and make jewelry. Like most of you, I have elderly parents that drained me of my creative spirit. Now, my Mother, who is almost 90, is in a long term facility. So, the time has finally come to make some jewelry. I aspire to hone this craft and find my focus in designing. I would love to have a shop on Etsy like most of you. This site and all of you help me every day to make my life transition. Thanks to you all.

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  • Poms Forever aka Donna commented on the Design “Washed up on the Beach”   1 day, 19 hours ago

    The beach inspiration makes a great necklace. Love the colors!

  • Poms Forever aka Donna commented on the Design “Positive Frame of Mind”   2 days, 15 hours ago

    Congrats Kye, you are on the front page! Love this design, so well deserved.

    Question – Are your little barrows the same as what is called the Mobius Knot chainmaille weave ? I found a pattern for this. They don’t look a lot a like. Maybe, could you tell me what pattern resources you use. Chainmaille is [...]

  • Poms Forever aka Donna commented on the Design “Mustard Greens”   6 days, 12 hours ago

    I love mustard colored beads but wasn’t sure how to combine them with other beads and the same with teardrops. As always, because you are an artist, I have learned something new and different. I come back to this site not only for their great selection of beads but also for the bead artist community. Windy [...]

  • Poms Forever aka Donna commented on the Design “Positive Frame of Mind”   6 days, 12 hours ago

    Kye, I love this necklace. I love the chainmaille. You always combine your beads with your chainmaille to make something FABULOUS! You have been so kind to me when I have posted a piece that I am sending you all the “HAPPY FIBES” to help brightened your day. You know I have always loved your work. [...]

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  • Poms Forever aka Donna
    On June 2, 2017 Poms Forever aka Donna said:

    Janet, I am back. Just a lot of draining stuff with the death of my Father and my Mother diving deeper into her dementia. Trying to help my Sisters emotionally. My Mom has taken out her anger on them. Anyway, I am more driven to do what makes me happy. I am shooting to have an Etsy shop like you. I check your shop often and always love all of your pieces. Don’t focus on the amount you sell right now but what is selling and expand on that. I read that somewhere! LOL You are doing great! Your friend Donna P.S. I have got to check for messages. S O R R Y!

  • Moogie
    On May 4, 2017 Moogie said:

    Donna? Hope all is well. Email (convo) me through my Etsy shop–JGBRainbowDesigns.

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