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I’m a mum of a girl and a boy, born in 2003 and 2005, and have a very supportive husband. I work in a microbiology laboratory in Northern Europe (yet another of those lab people going creative!), and love to do gardening, so really, I shouldn’t have time to do jewelry as well! That’s why I’ve only been reading this blog for a while, thinking that I can’t possibly find the time to contribute. But the jewelry is taking over more and more of my time, and is giving me so much positive energy! Some time ago I decided to start selling locally, which has been an interesting experience, it also gave me the courage to tell people I do commissions.
Most of the courage to do this I found here! I find myself returning to this blog time and again, to get inspiration, learn new things, and just feel the positive atmosphere.

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  • pearlsandme aka Monica commented on the Design “Dread Wrap”   49 minutes ago

    Never heard of them either… I could be the first here, heehe! Or maybe I just haven’t noticed, or met the wrong people — I’ve seen some dreadlocks, but guess I havent stopped to count them… Very beautiful wrap, makes one want to persuade someone to get one of those dreadlocks, so it could be decorated! [...]

  • pearlsandme aka Monica commented on the Design “Frosty Leaf”   3 hours, 20 minutes ago

    Beautiful sunset! They are nearly the same everywhere — but not quite! I was lazy yesterday not converting the Celsius, and I certainly don’t do it in my head either! Inches and feet to centimetres I can do roughly, but the F is totally strange to me.

    We are outside as much as we can in summer [...]

  • pearlsandme aka Monica commented on the Design “Some order, please!”   3 hours, 44 minutes ago

    Thanks again!! It is not hanging on the wall yet, but hoping it will soon — the hubby was contemplating that (that’s his department…), he was actually mightily impressed, and told that I absolutely had to post it! And another good thing: I could easily take it to fairs and shows, it could stand alone with [...]

  • pearlsandme aka Monica commented on the Design “Bright and Bold”   1 day, 2 hours ago

    Heee…! But think how much THEY save on jewelry :-O! The self promotion bit is familiar too…

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