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Designs by pearlsandme aka Monica

Shaun the Sheep

...hopefully not! :-) But leftovers from last year's Easter mutton roast. Those bone beads, that is. I've described the process in some of my...
Components: Sterling silver wire (0.8 and 1 mm diameter), bone rondelles (or what should one call them?).

...and Something Blue

Had to test this idea: shaping leather and making something bead-like. Two domed circles glued together with a piece of linen yarn in between.
Components: Vegetable tanned leather, Czech seed beads, Mother of Pearl chips, linen yarn, titanium wire ear hooks (really good for allergics). Adirondack ink from Lima. Sealed the leather with a leather wax.

Spring Green

My Etsy shop is open!! It has taken me a lot of pondering, and work, to get there, but finally... phew. But now I'm bewildered -- some of you...
Components: Agate, rhyolite and rough emerald strung on green waxed linen (all from LB), ceramic bead from stash and my brass bead caps, enameled and patinated copper (all components made by me from wire and sheet).

On the Beach

Here is the last one! A keeper: I picked those pebbles on the south coast of Spain on our holiday in January! The holes got a bit big, so I figured...
Components: Beach pebbles, brass sheet and wire, seed beads from stash, linen yarn and crimp beads for the tassel. Leather cord from Lima -- good they have so many shades of "Natural"!

Trendy Tassels -- or Leftovers

Me too got the tassel bug! With the tassels in mind, I rootled through some old boxes, and found those old wooden beads -- just one of each. Then I...
Components: Patinated copper chain from LB. Some recycled suede, couple wooden beads, copper wire and sheet, and two large hole jasper beads (LB). One large wooden bead, my own striped ceramic bead, two Czech beads (LB), seed beads from stash, linen yarn, crimp ends, bronze wire.

Oh damn!

Just to show that everything doesn't always go smoothly... A fairly simple soldering exercise, on a clean and simple design, that resulted in a new...
Components: Sterling silver, 0.8 and 1 mm (hard solder).

Random Owl

I'm sure I was planning to make something else, but suddenly I was in the middle of an earring designing frenzy. Somehow the consequence of finally...
Components: Sterling silver wire, 1 mm (soldered on the swirl), and 0, 8 mm for the hooks, Czech beads (LB), and 0.6 mm 999-silver melted into headpins for the owls. More 1 and 0.8 mm ss-wire, thin sheet silver cut and dapped into bead caps, pink porcelain beads from stash. Tumbled for hours (without the owls).

Wrap around a stone

Wanted to show what I came up with for an amazing agate slice I bought here last summer! I tried to do a sort of classical piece for a colleague...
Components: Occo agate slice, sterling silver sheet, wire, chain and clasp (the last two also from Lima).

The Leather Collection

Hoping to inspire again with these... I bought a book about leather jewelry -- I figured that since I like leather so much, I might as well get...
Components: Vegetable tanned leather straps, glue, leather paint of different kinds, glass and hematite beads (LB) strung on linen cord (sandwiched between two pieces of leather), sterling silver and brass wire.

Festive earrings

I've not really had the time and energy to do any Christmas fairs or the like this year, but I decided that I might just manage a small extra stand...
Components: Copper sheet (and acrylic varnish), bronze, silver and brass wire, assorted glass beads (and some goldstone, hematite and pearls; many from LB).

Santas from the Wood

A couple of wooden beads, some steel wire, Renaissance wax, white glue and marker pen, all from my jewelry supplies. And some linen felt and sheep...

Silver versus copper

Got a surprise visit from Mimmi the other weekend: a girl I met at metals class, she sells a bit of my stuff in her shop in Norway. She wanted...
Components: 2 and 1 mm copper wire, 1, 5 and 1 mm sterling silver wire, Impression Jasper, Picture Jasper, leather cord, copper chain (all but the wire from Lima :-) ).

More seed beads and linen!

Here is my take on seed beads and linen! In the last pic you see the inspiration (the latest issue of Marie Claire, UK edition) -- there were...
Components: Black ones: waxed linen from LB, tiny seed beads really old stash, silver wire and sheet for the cap and hook. Couldn't decide how complicated a cap I wanted to bother with, so I winged it and it turned out fairly "clean". Blue-green: Toho beads and large hole Czech bead from LB, unwaxed linen local yarn shop (used beeswax on the ends!).

More goodies, that rock and pop!

I wanted the first pendant to have an organic -- or rather mineral! -- feel. I put it on a leather cord that can be about choker length, but slides...
Components: My ceramic beads, leather cord, copper for the bail of the dragonfly, and bronze for the slides. Sterling silver sheet and iron wire (and silver solder) for the second pair.

Ceramic goodies!

The school had a two-day fall holiday last week, I took two days off too, and my Mom came to visit. She brought with her a lot of goodies: ceramic...
Components: First necklace: my stoneware ceramic beads, Toho beads and jasper (LB), on waxed linen. Clasp from bronze wire, happened to be lying about. Second necklace: leather cord from LB (5 mm?), ceramic focal, slide and cord ends from bronze sheet (the ends have pieces of wire soldered on to keep them in place on the inside), textured with leaf stamp. I won't mind if this one doesn't sell, kinda liked it! Earrings: spare pair of silver tubes I made, ss wire, ceramic beads with glaze and attaching loop.


Have to share this quick tip, despite the not too good pics. These were the earrings everyone felt lacked a bit of patina (as seen in pic 2)....
Components: Upcycled wooden beads, silver, copper and bronze wire.

Sand Flower

I got flu again today. Wasn't it enough that I had a three-day flu last week (and went to work, stupid me)? Stayed home and needed something really...
Components: Mother-of-pearl chips, agate (some of them are actually striped, otherwise it doesn't look like agate to me), my own striped ceramic beads, Toho beads and hemp cord from Lima. For the clasp: sterling silver sheet and wire, bronze sheet (solder and patina).

Recycled, re-designed

These came about as a consequence of my studio cleaning. The first pair I planned as something quickly thrown together, with the agates on top of a...
Components: First pair: sterling silver wire 0.8 and 1 mm, sheet silver, very thin (rolled it at the metal class, haven't measured), soldered into a tube, (Botswana?) agate. Second pair: wooden beads, copper wire, sterling silver wire 0.8 mm.

The Coffee measuring spoon, and the new order

Here is the spoon producing the leftover slice in my previous design! Had to try out my new big dapping punch -- and found out that I'd really need...
Components: Sturdy copper sheet (1 and 2 mm I think) and patina for the spoon.


Like Fresh Baked, I haven't got much done jewelry-wise lately. There is even one lady who ordered a necklace that is somewhat complicated to make,...
Components: Copper details by me (the pendant thing was a leftover from a measuring spoon for ground coffee which I experimented with -- ended up a bit too small), Red Jade, a very interesting silk yarn probably made of scrap fabric or thread, Toho beads on the yarn, leather lace, bone bead by me as button.

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