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Designs by pearlsandme aka Monica

Recycled Jeans

Ever had a several weeks holiday away from home and the studio, and got jeweler's abstinence: the opposite of beaders block? That happened to me in...
Components: Old pair of jeans, sewing thread, Toho seed beads (LB), chain.

Something To Go With the Suede Jacket

...that was the wish of my friend. We picked these stones, and I had a bit of fun with some brass sheet metal... sawing, filing and hammering....
Components: Tiger Eye nuggets and chips (wish I remembered where I got the nuggets!), picture jasper (LB), on wire. Note that I got the idea to cover the crimp with a large hole bead! Brass sheet (lead free) and wire (1 and 0, 8 mm).

Salmon Reused

I'm posting this as inspiration -- supplies don't need to cost a fortune... also I haven't done much else, being away on holiday.

I posted a...
Components: Salmon skin (cured by me), tin can cut into shape to keep it stiff (middle layer). Waxed linen, ceramic beads, Toho beads (LB), quarz chips, fake suede lace.

Asphalt Flowers

The idea to make a kind of lariat style "clasp", with one pendant sliding through the other, just popped into my head some weeks ago. Took a while...
Components: Bronze wire, 1.5 mm, soldered, filed and polished. Czech glass beads (very large seed beads): at first I meant to make something more diverse, with stone chips, but these beads clamoured to be used alone, they are really shiny! The only item from LB in this are the copper crimp beads... but they are important!

I'm going to recycle all those bricks...

Our home is flowing over with Lego bricks: my boy and his friends love them. So I thought, why not make them necklaces of Lego... My son and two of...
Components: I drilled holes in Lego bricks, each got his favorite color. The metal rings are of soldered sterling silver (to strenghten, and avoid sharp corners). Various leather cords and lace, and some small large-hole stone beads from LB.


Here's an example of my soldered copper (see the comments on my previous necklace), could be more coppery, but in real life you don't really...
Components: 2mm copper wire, soldered (in two steps), hammered, polished, tumbled and waxed. Ceramic bead made by me. Patinated copper chain (LB).

On the Shore

A slightly overloaded version of my seashell design... or just a party piece! (Tried to put it on to work, but -- no...). The brass solder is oddly...
Components: Soldered brass heart of 1.5 mm wire, shells from a holiday at the Danish coast, some thinner brass wire, handmade clasp, leather cord and iolite chips (LB).

Shiny Two

...and here are the matching earrings! Lousy photo, but the only one I have, I'm afraid. Same idea as the bracelet, only different sized discs.
Components: Same copper sheet etc. as the bracelet, but sterling silver wire. No fusing involved, only drilling!

Shiny Copper

This (again) started out with the thought "wonder how difficult that would be?" Turned out -- not incredibly! Got a tool punching discs out of...
Components: Copper sheet, around 0.5 mm, copper wire, pearls (total blank what they are called right now...). Punched discs, drilled holes, hammered into shape, polished. Fused the larger jump rings, since I found they could snap open. Also first tried to wax the copper, but it didn't seem to be enough protection, so I spray varnished it (acrylic), hope that works.


Oh the joy of combining the strength and stability of fused wire with the charm of wire wrapping! (The fused part is at the bottom of the pebble,...
Components: Beach pebble, seashell... Brass wire, maybe 1, 2 mm, and some much thinner, maybe 0, 3 mm, and fusing brass. Leather cord from LB.

All Hand Made Bracelet

I have a lot going on at the moment, spring coming in the garden, selling at a fair next week, work... One pic is from my greenhouse (which I keep...
Components: 10 mm leather strap (local shop), copper sheet (quite thin, found it in dad's garage, must be ancient!), bronze wire, some sterling silver, fusing silver and copper. (Some of the starting materials are shown in the last pic!)

Fantasy Dragonfly

Well, what can I say about this? A dream come true: being able to make my own metal focals! Not quite a dragonfly though: the head is more of a...
Components: Sterling silver wire, copper sheet. Leather cord (LB, I think!).

Wild Chervil

At the second and final weekend of class, I learned how it should be done, and here is the result! You shouldn't fuse the wire directly onto the...
Components: Sterling silver plate (about 1 mm), sawed into shape and bent using a doming punch and block (thanks for the words, wikipedia!). Sterling silver wire (1.2 mm, I think).

Test Run

Finally I've found some time and energy to post again! I've been both a bit ill, and so incredibly busy. Here follows "what I've learned the last...
Components: Copper sheet, sterling silver wire, copper wire, ceramic bead (own), seed beads (from stash), white howlite.

Say Hello to Itsy Bitsy

Here is the other thing I finished at the metal/silversmith class! I've long wanted to make a silver spider pendant for my sister (who, as it...
Components: Sterling silver: scrap sheet (about 4-5 grammes) melted into blobs, fused and filed, 1 mm wire for the legs (also fused and filed...) and sanded, polished...

A Very Odd Ring!

I can't believe my luck!!! The first ever class I take in jewelry techniques turns out to be THE dream course!! I've learned SO much in two long,...
Components: Sterling silver sheet (1 mm, I think), sterling silver wire (1, 2 mm), impression jasper nugget (LB!).

A Fish Called Wanda

Now here is a teaser! Anyone guess the material? Yes, it is fish skin! Had heard about making leather of it, and even seen a gal on the beach a...
Components: Fish leather, waxed linen, old tin can piece in the middle to keep it stiff, TOHO seed beads (LB) and quartz nuggets to glam it up a bit...

Pitch Black

A black one again, from me... Here I tried to come up with another way to use the recycled leather from the TV-chair. I sewed some long seams to...
Components: Recycled leather, tektite sticks (LB), black beading wire and some black chain (maybe I should think about staining the cord crimp ends too :-) : this is one I've kept!)

Woodnote coils

Thought I too would participate with some coils I made a while back :-) It is simple, but wears well -- much better than an earlier version, which...
Components: Picture Jasper, Vintaj chain, and headpins, Natural Brass 16 g wire for the coils and clasp.

Winter Berries

An attempt to add some color to my design gallery -- but no drastic moves in the depth of winter! I was inspired by the latest season of "Downton...
Components: Apple Jasper, hemp cord, garnets, Toho seed beads, copper wire, patinated copper chain, all LB.

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