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Designs by Purple Chick aka Violet

Simple Sensation - Agate Crystal Sterling Pendant

My freeform agates I've been creating as part of my SImple Sensation line have been flying out of the booth. Here's a striking one in gorgeous...
Components: Crystal Agate, Sterling Silver, & black cord

Impression - Iron Stone Mother of Pearl Sterling Necklace

Iron Stone is certainly one of my favorite stones for sheer beauty. The colors & patterns in it are exceptional! I embellished tis in Sterling, and...
Components: Iron Stone, Mother of Pearl, Bronzite, Smoky Quartz, Tiger Eye, Freshwater Pearls, & Sterling Silver

Simple Sensation - Turritella Fossil Agate & Sterling Silver

This is one of those gemstones that contiually excites me...

Components: Turritella Fossil Agate, & Sterling SIlver

Simple Sensation - Geode Agate Bronze Pendant

I think little geodes are the Cat's Pajamas...this one is only 30mm X 35mm...

Components: Geode Agate, & Bronze

Summer 2011 Booth Display!!

Here's my current booth that Eric set up for me. We've now incorperated both pieces of the "Pie Safe" that belonged to his mom. Not only does it...

Simple Sensation - Dragon Vein Agate Sterling Pendant

Striking Dragon Vein Agate in a color unmatched!!

Components: Dragon Vein Agate, Sterling Silver

Paua Abalone Shell Sterling Earrings

I've had these tiny little paua shell flowers for awhile now...finally got hem put together.

Components: Paua Abalone Shell, Sterling Silver

Simple Sensation - Dragon Vein Agate Sterling Pendant Necklace

Now here's the perfect agate for someone who likes both pink & purple!!


Bostwana Agate Sterling Silver Earrings

I bought these little faceted agate from LB eons ago...at last figured out the best way to use them!!

Components: Botswana Agate, Lemon Ice Quartz, Crazy Lace Agate, & Sterling Silver

Handcrafted Amazonite Unakite Copper Ring

Needed a new copper ring so threw together amazonit and unakite. The combination seemed to work really well...

Components: Amazonite, Unakite, and Copper

Carnelian Cotillion Crab Fire Necklace

Wanted to create another dramatic piece utilizing these huge Carnelian rounds I got from LB. Threw in some Crab Fire Agate and some African...
Components: Carnelian, African Opal, Crab Fire Agate, River Rock, Banded Agate, and Sterling Silver

New Zealand Paua Abalone Shell Flower Earrings

Love these Paua shell flowers....the colors are so amazing...

Components: Paua Shell, and Sterling Silver

Simple Sensation - Black Banded Agate Sterling Pendanrt

Another popular agate from my show this weekend. I sold out of all my black agate pendants. This one was waiting for me when I arrived home......
Components: Black Agate, and Sterling Silver

Simple Sensation - Abalone Sterling Pendant

Eric recently found thses magnificent whole Abalone shells for me. I sold three of these this last weekend at the Pine Knot Art Walk at Big Bear...
Components: Abalone, and Sterling Silver

Radiance - Freshwater Pearl Double Sterling Necklace

The double Freshwater Pearl necklaces have continuously been popular pieces. I decided to go with more earthy colors this round......
Components: Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver

Simple Sensation - Druzy Agate Copper Pendant Necklace

Huge agate slice hand embellished in copper...this one is 97mm in length...love the orange - rust colors!

Components: Druzy Agate Slice, Copper

Jealousy - Natural Yellow Turquoise Pendant Necklace

Sumptuous Natural Yellow Turquoise complimented with Blue Pearl Granite, Aventurine, Lemon Ice Quartz, & Mother of Pearl...the pendant originally...
Components: Yellow Turquoise, Blue Pearl Granite, Aventurine, Lemon Ice Quartz, Mother of Pearl, & Sterling Silver

Mosiac Magnasite Purple Sterling Earrings

Unique Mosiac Magnasite in beautiful purple shades...hand embellished in Sterling Silver.
I just love this stone!

Components: Mosaic Magnasite, & Sterling Silver

Simple Sensation - Agate Slab Sterling Pendant Necklace

Impressive Agate slab hand embellished in Sterling Silver....

Components: Agate, & Sterling Silver

Ancient Journeys - Turritella Fossil Shell Agate Necklace

My favorte gemstone - Turritella Agate. Also, one of the best selling stones I've ever worked with. I believe this is my fifth necklace created.......
Components: Turritella Agate, Smoky Quartz, Freshwater Perals, & Sterling Silver

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