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Designs by Purple Chick aka Violet

Simple Sensation - Blue Agate Slab Pendant

Massive piece of Blue Agate, wire wrapped in sterling silver. This one is 100mm in length!
Components: Blue Agate, Sterling Silver, & Black Cord

Inflamed - Red Sponge Coral Sterling Earrings

Here's some Coral earrings to match my existing necklace...just love the striking red in these!
Components: Red Sponge Coral, Crystal Quartz, Freshwater Pearls, & Sterling Silver

Imperial - Buffalo Jasper Turquoise Sterling Earrings

I just love the color combination of Buffalo Jasper & Southwest Turquoise...
Components: Buffalo Jasper, Southwest Turquoise, and Sterling Silver

Scintillation - Mother of Pearl Sterling Necklace

Mother of Pearl, and Freshwater Pearls....I think I might wear this on Easter Sunday!!
Components: Mother of Pearl, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver

Impression - Banded Agate Sterling Earrings

These are by far the heaviest earrings I've created..but who cares..the agates are 30 X 60mm!
Components: Yellow Banded Agate, and Sterling Silver

Mother of Pearl Shell Sterling Earrings

These Shell earrings are pretty big at 50mm in size. The rainbow colors that dance through them are just beautiful.......
Components: Shell, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver

Waves - Apatite Gemstone Hair Barrette

I think the blue-green color of this stone is amazing....
Components: Apatite, Barrette

Midnight - Blue Jasper Sterling Earrings

I found this gorgeous deep blue Jasper from a First Come Sale at FB at least a year ago....haven't been able to find anything quite like it since.....
Components: Blue Jasper, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver

Septarian Geode Dragon Crystal Spectacular

I picked this gorgeous geode up a few years back when Eric and I were on a road trip and stopped at Zion National Park in Utah..... we bought it at...
Components: Septarian Geode from Utah

Buffalo Blues - Turquoise Nugget Buffalo Jasper Necklace

One of my favorite combinations of all time is Southwest Turquoise and Buffalo Jasper....
Components: Southwest Turquoise Nuggets, Blue Buffalo Jasper, African Opal, Smoky Quartz, River Rock, and Sterling Silver

Pineapple Chunks - Pineapple Opal Botswana Agate Necklace

I love this stone and it's becoming hard to come by. Nothing like a bright yellow necklace to celebrate the arrival of if the weather...
Components: Pineapple Opal, Botswana Agate, Australian Jade, Rutilated Quartz, Lemon Ice Quartz, Mother of Pearl, River Rock, and Sterling Silver

Kambaba Jasper Sterling Earrings

Kambaba Jasper from LB hand embellished in Sterling Silver
Components: Kambaba Jasper, and Sterling Silver

Mystic Cavern - Agate Slab Amethyst Crystal Necklace

Nothing like a chunk of rock to make a statement. Doesn't hurt that they are purple as well...
Components: Purple Agate Slabs, Amethyst, and Crystal Quartz

Inflamed - Red Sponge Coral Crystal Necklace

Here's the Red Coral necklace that goes with my recently created bracelet...came across this lovely little pendant and thought it was just the...
Components: Red Sponge Coral, Crystal Quartz, Red Coral, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver

Raw Earth - Lava Rock Plum Jasper Necklace

I just love Lava Rock...this time I paired it with Plum Jasper which is so unique.....
Components: Lava Rock, Plum Jasper, Black Onyx, and Sterling Silver

Inflamed - Red Sponge Coral Crystal Bracelet

One of the few ways to get a true red color in gemstones is with coral....paired it with crystal quartz, and these amazing red pearls!!...
Components: Red Sponge Coral, Crystal Quartz, Red Coral, Freshwater Pearls, and Sterling Silver

Wisteria - Mosaic Magnesite Jade Sterling Earrings

This is one of the few man-enhanced stones that I work with....always attracts a lot of attention!!
Components: Mosaic Magnesite, Purple Jade, White Agate, and Sterling Silver

Crazy Lace Agate Gemstone Bookmark

I made some of these about a year ago and they sold right away...time to bring them back....
Components: Crazy Lace Agate, Shell, Freshwater Pearl, and bookmark

Copper Cavalcade Cuff

I wanted to make a statement piece for my show this weekend....discovered these turquoise nuggets in my stash....thought they would go perfect with...
Components: Turquoise Nuggets, Baltic Amber Nuggets, and Copper wire....

Radiance - Sardonyx Handwoven Sterling Ring

My latest gemstone ring features these beautiful Sardonyx nuggets....
Components: Sardonyx, and Sterling Silver wire

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