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I live in the Southwest with my hubby, dog, and birds. My first exposure to beading was 25 years ago when I purchased some thread and acrylic beads. Life got way too busy and the beads went into storage. Through a friend, my love for beading was renewed and out came all the supplies! Now I’m a certified beading ‘addict’ and you can’t imagine the supplies I now have! Hubby jokes about “the house foundation cracking because of the weight of all those stones!” I love to bead and especially love working with gemstones and deco Czech glass. I also enjoy creating a variety of styles and designs.

I am so happy to have found Lima Beads and all their great products, and all of you wonderful beaders out there! Thanks for all the inspiration you have given me!

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  • Crystal Canary commented on the Design “Plum Passion Necklace”   14 hours, 45 minutes ago

    What a wonderful necklace using those rich, purple slabs! The addition of the spikes adds some extra depth to the design and plays well with the irregular shape of the slabs. Your ‘stone wear’ line will be very appealing to those who just love that natural vibe with an upscale look.

  • Crystal Canary commented on the Design “Tree of Life Necklace with Nepalese cane glass”   14 hours, 53 minutes ago

    So delighted to see a design using the Nepalese cane beads. The burst of color in these beauties reflects nicely in your design. I like how the green was picked up and used in the back with the recycled glass. The wood rounds also add a nice natural touch to the handmade canes.

  • Crystal Canary commented on the Design “Desert Sun”   1 day, 14 hours ago

    Luv the blocks of color in this design. The eye just wants to move up & down the sides enjoying the hues. Your pendant looks great with them picking up the specks of brown. Nice idea

  • Crystal Canary commented on the Design “Chickadee”   2 days, 12 hours ago

    Love how you incorporated the flower & leaves into this design–the maple leaves are perfect with the focal motif. Nice touch with the brass filigree wrapped around the wooden pendant too. I always enjoy the photo inspirations your husband picks for your challenges.

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  • Moogie
    On March 23, 2017 Moogie said:

    How’s your mom doing? Just thinking of you❤

  • Moogie
    On March 2, 2017 Moogie said:

    Hi Crystal! Glad to see you posting again.

  • dolllady aka Pam
    On February 4, 2017 dolllady aka Pam said:

    Thanks for friending me! I love all of your work. I have become a bead collector officially! Now I need to get busy and start working with them.

  • Crystal Canary
    On October 18, 2016 Crystal Canary said:

    Dear Lima Friends,
    Things have been very distressing the last couple months; and we just lost my father. Won’t be around for a while. But when I can, I will stop in and admire all of your wonderful designs. Take Care–Crystal

  • Deb Harding
    On May 14, 2016 Deb Harding said:

    Hey Crystal!! Just saw your message. I appreciate the.thoughts :) Hope you are doing good.
    Your bracelet is A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.!! btw

  • Moogie
    On May 11, 2016 Moogie said:

    Heh heh! I ❤️ Gems!
    I work on an IPad & the heart is an emoji that actually works on Lima comments. Most of them don’t. They just appear (or not appear) as a blank space. I was surprised when the heart worked. Are you familiar with emojis?

  • Moogie
    On April 3, 2016 Moogie said:

    Thinking of you, Crystal

  • Moogie
    On March 3, 2016 Moogie said:

    Praying that all is well. Send private message if ya need to talk. I’m a good listener

  • Crystal Canary
    On February 29, 2016 Crystal Canary said:

    Dear Friends,
    So much for peaceful, pleasant beading time…another emergency has confronted us, and I’ll be away for awhile. Needing some quiet time, but none in sight. Take Care everyone. Crystal

  • Moogie
    On February 12, 2016 Moogie said:

    Thanks for the note, CC! Did I mention that my hubby and me are watching DS9 now?!! We have a routine now that we eat dinner or lunch and watch an episode together. We first watched Babylon 5, then just finished ST Original series and finished the 3rd episode, 1st year of DS9!
    Sounds like we have alot in common! I also have been buying beading ”stuff” for a couple of years now. So much so, my hubby Mark put the brakes on me :( But it’s a good thing because now I can concentrate on actually making designs! I’m about to open an Etsy store. Just decided on my business name: JGB Rainbow Designs. That way I can include some dyeing in there too–fibers, scarves, whatever else I come up with.
    Gotta work on jewelry now!

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