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Designs by Beadlady3 aka Cindy


I borrowed this swirl pattern from an ad I saw in a magazine recently...not sure who to attribute it to, but I thought it would make a pretty...
Components: Artistic Wire

Cool Thoughts

First weekend of summer, and I have a snowflake bracelet! haha! More LB Czech beads, embossed blanks, Vintaj patinas.

Summertime Blues

Got these cute LB Czech flowers, and I love the color pallet so I painted the embossed copper blank with a mix of Vintaj patina blues and silver....
Components: Czech flower petals, copper blank, Vintaj patina in Cobalt, Silver

Fancy Circutry

Just playing with some fancy strip metal with square holes cut in it. Decided to color it with alcohol inks to match the beads, and wired some...

Wrist Corsage

Metal piece came with the embossing and cut-out places. Perfect for wiring some lucite flowers and Czech glass leaves to it. Simply finished with...

Banded Together

I got a package of leather bands with the snaps attached - kind of like the LB style. Painted them with alcohol inks and patinas. Riveted or...

Crazy Little Things

Since these were made with the same materials in the pendant, mostly, I just grouped them. Copper wire, copper colored alumiumn flat wire, and...

Sedona Dreams

Mixing some different elements, kind of a 'punk center with turquoise howlite beads and chain & link sections. A friend of mine went to Sedona...
Components: copper blank, patina, copper wire, turquoise howlite rondelles, copper links

Mokume' Patina

Anyone that has dabbled with poly clay might know what mokume gane is, and how the effect is achieved. I won't go into in here...other than to say...
Components: Copper oval blank, LB flower beads, LB leaf beads, magatama beads.


The simple joy of pounding on metal! LOL
Components: Arte metal rounds, Vintaj patina in gold, copper, and verdigris, mystic black pearls.

Coin Pearl Earrings

Lovely coin pearls, I couldn't pass them up at the last bead show I went to, even though there were at the top of my budget limit! Use LB's...
Components: pearls, wire

From the Lilac Bush

A spare LB amethyst pillow bead accents the patina'd copper blank and flower connector. Copper crystal links and copper toggle to finish.
Components: Amethyst, Copper links


Playing with scraps of wire & metal, I stumbled on this linear design. I just like making those swirls I guess!


This frame is made from some wide aluminum 'wire' I found at craft store. I cut 4 pieces and just wove the corners together, folding over the ends...
Components: Amethyst, copper wire

Pink Punk

Mixing beading and metal work. The copper is rolled in a metal crimper, given a little patina and polish. Wire wrapped some keshi pearls to it, and...
Components: angel pink keshi pearls Copper blank

Free Form and Swirls

A few more pendants to share! Lots of different stones here - amazonite, green banded agate, dyed blue agate. Accents are fancy jasper, crystals,...
Components: Vintaj parawire, artistic wire, gemstone pendants and accents

Hearts on Fire In Wire

I finally go to the point where I am hand forming the frame into a heart shape, and 'sewing' beads to it with wire! These two turned out good...
Components: Artistic Wire, various Czech crystals, glass pearls.

Mixed Greens

Care for a salad?

There is this designer I admire for her organic style of design (Szarka) with wire and gem stones. When I was making this...
Components: Various gemstones and Czech beads

Winter Day Gray

Somehow the first one (pink & blue) never looks quite as good as the 2nd time I try a new design (gray/blue). To me any way. That's why I featured...
Components: 18 & 22g artistic wire; various gemstones

Coral Focal Wrap

More of my weekend of making pendants/focals. The coral is about 1.5 inches long. I used 18g artistic wire because its big and needed that...

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