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I’m a 57 year single/divorced woman living in a town full of 20-25 year old single marines. So-o-o no social life at all. I have a new job! I start online training soon and then I will be back out in the field as a sales merchandiser!

I discovered Lima Beads in October 2012 & it was probably one of the best discoveries ever. If you are a regular here you know what I mean when I say this is more than an online bead store….more than a social networking site. It’s a generous family of people who share the same passion (obsession) for beads, who help & encourage each other everyday. LOVE THIS PLACE!!

I am the unintentional MacGyver & bargain beader. My goal is to show that you don’t necessarily HAVE to have expensive art beads, gemstones, SS, costly clasps to make an attractive piece of jewelry. I want to make affordable and wearable art. And have fun.

Just wanted to add. The kitten I use as my photo is my baby Mousey that I raised with a bottle the summer of 2012. He’s a big boy now but he was so so tiny with those huge eyes. He loves beads too haha. He’s my baby in eveey way.

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  • Deb Harding commented on the Design “Sand Bar”   5 hours, 19 minutes ago

    OH MY GOSH!! I am totally in love with this!! Just beachy beautiful!!! And inspired to finish a similar bracelet I have been working on that has been giving me fits.

  • Deb Harding commented on the Design “For the love of Turquoise”   5 hours, 22 minutes ago

    That 1st bracelet is just toooo cute!! I really like your polymer clay pieces. They remind me of stenciling.
    The last bracelet, very nice. Is that the hidden clasp that Heather Powers’ had the tute for?

  • Deb Harding commented on the Design “Daisy Chain Extras”   10 hours, 54 minutes ago

    Thank you for the compliments. As I’ve said many times I always appreciate it but it especially makes me feel good when I have made something with bargain finds or.I have used my MacGyver skills.

  • Deb Harding commented on the Design “Daisy Chain”   11 hours, 11 minutes ago

    Thank you so much Del, CC, Becky and Franny. Crystal Canary I have not had much luck in the $1 bins lately either, no pendants at all. I did find several bags with some interesting aqua beads and some neat carved beads. Yesterday I got lucky and found a matching yellow T-shirt for $3.00. All Faded [...]

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  • Thea
    On February 4, 2014 Thea said:

    Just wanted to say thanks for answering my question and I will be snapping some pictures tomorrow to post I have a few pieces left. I gave a lot away at Christmas but its okay now I can make more and think about starting to sell it. Again thanks very much.

  • Crazy Chick Frida
    On January 31, 2014 Crazy Chick Frida said:

    Sorry for not being on so much, you are in my heart my friend :D

  • puppychick  labratbecky
    On September 10, 2013 puppychick labratbecky said:

    Hey you! Thanks for the wire post! It reminded me to change my number of grandkids to 3. :) I just reread your profile, too. You updated that, too, didn’t you? This place IS the best and all of you I have met here are my bestest buds! Hang in there, sister. I am sure you will find your place to shine.

  • Deb Harding
    On February 7, 2013 Deb Harding said:

    NOOOOOOOO!!!! The 12mm size muddy spring mix shell pearls in special deals are GONE!!!! I’m devastated!!! Seriously! And my muse is sold out.

  • Deb Harding
    On January 7, 2013 Deb Harding said:

    Jump rings, crimps, beading wire and tiny beads are the bane of my existence. Big stuff on string from now on! JK.

  • Deb Harding
    On December 26, 2012 Deb Harding said:

    I’m pretty happy today. Everyone loved the jewelry I gave them for Christmas. My Mom was especially pleased. Kept saying the set was beautiful and that she had never seen anything like it.

    Had serious Lima Beads withdrawal all dayl yesterday since I could not get on anything but the home page.

    Feel dumb because I didn’t realize my Santa Belt was POD Christmas Eve. Oh well.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

  • Deb Harding
    On December 17, 2012 Deb Harding said:

    Gaaaa! Why do jump rings, headpins and seed beads have to be so annoying?

  • Deb Harding
    On December 8, 2012 Deb Harding said:

    Loves Lima Beads and everyone here more than I can say. You ladies are so generous with yout praise and encouragement and kind words. It means a lot.

  • Lynn Eileen Chicky LE
    On December 7, 2012 Lynn Eileen Chicky LE said:

    Deb, did you know you were chosen as LB’s Featured Picker for this week??? So exciting! Congrats to you — you definitely deserve it! :D


  • Deb Harding
    On December 7, 2012 Deb Harding said:

    Last Lima Beads package until after Christmas finally arrived. So I will be finishing presents. WhooHoo!

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