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Designs by Luv2bead - Little Chick


inspired by the peacock! :)

I've made a bunch of new pendants and necklaces but my camera stopped working so until I get a new one or fix the...
Components: copper sheet metal, czech glass from LB (love it)! :)


new pendants
Components: copper

True Blue, Down Home, Country

Mom wanted a bracelet with these words on it! :)
Components: copper

Life is a Journey

what do you think?
Components: copper, czech glass

Textured Metalsmithed Pendant

metalsmithed pendant using my new metalsmithing tools!! :)

btw: just got a twitter...if you have one can you post link below so I can follow...
Components: Copper

Copper Pendant

love my new hammers
Components: copper

Copper Earrings

I love my new hammers!
Components: copper

Copper Earrings

new earrings
Components: copper

Rust & Copper

new metalsmithed earrings
Components: czech beads from LB & copper

City Nights - Finally Finished

I FINALLY finished this!!! There were lots of good suggestions on what to write, so I'll have to be making more of these "city" pendants!!!
Components: copper


I made the pendants yesterDAY and then added beads at 1:00 at night...I'm tired :(
Components: glass, copper


stamped and punched
Components: Copper, glass

Modern Pendant

Had fun punching holes ;)
Components: copper


Etched & stamped
Components: copper

Unique Folded Over Pendant

Made some pendants yesterday!!! What do you think of this one??? Mom says she doesn't like it but I think it's unique and that someone will love...
Components: copper sheet metal

Etching Copper - Help!

Ok so here's the deal...I need some suggestions on what to write. I want to dangle another rectangle with writing on it from my rectangle with the...
Components: Copper metal, ferric chloride


stamped the word "bloom" and then punched holes to create a flower
Components: sheet metal


stamped the word "love" and used a saw to cut out a heart shape!
Components: sheet metal

New Earrings

Some earrings I made yesterday at 12:30 am! :)
Components: metal, Czech glass

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