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Designs by Classy Chick JbyJill

Need Your Help!

I made a herringbone stitched bracelet in gunmetal and silver lined seed beads and put it on a piece of memory wire to keep its shape. I put two...
Components: 8 seed beads for herringbone stitch, memory wire for bracelet 4mm square beads, 11 seed beads for the wheel

Encased Browns

I saw a necklace similar in stitch in one of my magazines. There were no directions, so I had to "figure" it out. I wanted to make the seed beads...
Components: 11 seed beads, vintage beads from one of my grandma's necklaces

Pink Wheel

This it my newest component created using the netting technique. I have been on a seed bead kick lately. Not sure what I am going to make with...
Components: 4mm round pink coral, 11mm seed beads

Silver Mystic Blue

This set was designed around this beautiful Blue Agate pendant.
Components: Blue Agate Pendant, Brazil Blue Agate, Apatite, Stormy Blue Freshwater Pearls, Czech Glass, Sterling Silver

Bahama Duo

I designed these rings for a friend and me for our Bahama Cruise. The colors were inspired by the colors that represent the island.
Components: Sterling Silver Ring Bases, Shell Beads, Seed Beads

Cocktail Dress Adornment

My cocktail dress for the formal night of our cruise is shimmery gold halter. I designed a delicate, but eye-catching bracelet and some swanky...
Components: Shell Focal Bead, Gold Filigree Bead Caps, Seed Bead Mix, Czech Beads, Gold-filled Chain and Components, Pearl and Swarovski Dangles

Beach Bohemian

I designed this set for my brown and purple sundress for the cruise I'm taking. The necklace measures 30 inches long. The bracelet is finished with...
Components: Wood Beads, Czech Glass, Seed Beads, Vintaj Sand dollar Charm

Black and Purple Floral

The set I designed for my friend's black purple, and white sundress. It is a three strand necklace, bracelet, and matching earrings.
Components: Czech Glass, Cat Eye Beads, Seed Beads, Sterling Silver

Formal Night

This is the set I designed for my friend for a formal night on a cruise. Her cocktail dress was black and white. The great feature of this piece is...
Components: Snowflake Obsidian, Czech Glass, Seed Beads, Sterling Silver

Mother's Bracelet #2

This is the bracelet I made for my sister for her birthday.
Components: Sterling Silver Beads and Components, Swarovski Crystals

Mother's Bracelet #1

This was the first Mother's Bracelet I made for my dear friend. She has sold many for me by just wearing it. :)
Components: Sterling Silver Beads and Components, Swarovski Crystals

Agate Mix

Currently a piece I have for sale.
Components: Fire Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, copper findings, Drop Japanese Seed Beads

Garden Pendant

This piece is currently for sale.
Components: Hand-painted Lucite Pendant, Czech Glass Beads, 8.o Seed Beads

Purple Gunmetal

This 3 Piece Set was made with some "free" beads I got with an order... I'm not sure what they are, I'm thinking Purple Flower Jasper (if you can...
Components: Purple Flower Jasper Gemstones, Czech Glass, Gunmetal Chain

Coral Pink Earrings

These are hand-beaded beads.
Components: 8.o Seed Beads, Sterling Silver, Czech Glass

Collection of Rings

These are just some examples of rings I have made.

Wavy Green Agate

I currently have this piece for sale.
Components: Green Agate wavy pendant, Czech Glass, Fresh Water Pearls, Gold-filled Chain

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