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Designs by Lisa LaBarre-Kurz

Purple Hues Stacked

Have wanted to make this one or three bracelets to be worn together for awhile. Lots of work, but so many different ways to make it, Next will be...
Components: Double wrap one made with Miyuki metallic Eggplant seed beads and black matte seed beads on Black leather cord, One strand made with mixture of Miyuki purple seed beads on black cord and last and most difficult made with 6 across different colors of Miyuki seed beads on metallic purple cord. All ladder stitch done with c-Lon cord and see my previous step by steps on instructions.

Breast Cancer Survivors

Sorry for the blurriness. I have had many friends who have gone through breast cancer or have lost loved ones and it was an honor to make these.
Components: Both these double wrap bracelets were made with Miyuki seed beads, threaded with C-Lon thread One is done on 1.5 pink leather cording and the other on metallic silver 1.5 leather cord. These are fun to make stringing the different patterns and using the charms.

Fly with me

Have wanted to do a black/silver design for a while. The wing charm really makes it.
Components: Another 4 wrap done on metallic silver 1.5 leather cord with Hematite 6 mm gemstones along with Black Onyx Faceted round gems and Black Sardonyx Faceted Round gems. All laddered with the C-Lon thread with a pewter swirled button and a silver wing.The effect is really not coming across in the photo. love it.

Elegant in Pearls

Being a natural auburn girl, I have always been drawn to earthy tones. Just love the different brown gemstones along with the pearls. Makes quite...
Components: Brown 1.5 leather cord with 6 mm white pearls, champagne pearls, almost see through brown pearls along with matte brown pearls .Laddered stitch as my other wraps with brown KO thread, an old bronze button and a beautiful charm.

Color Me Purple

Well, Purple is my favorite color , of course. And I love fairies.
Components: So this is another double wrap bracelet done on 1.5 mm berry leather cord with a beautiful combination of Purple Line Agate Faceted Round gems (simply gorgeous color combos), .Lima Beads had and this time instead of KO thread I used C-Lon with a fairy charm and a leaf button

My seashore stack bracelets

Well, I grew up at the Jersey shore so it has always been my favorite place to be. The ocean has a very calming effect on one's soul.
Components: Ladder Stitch used on turquoise Leather cord 1.5 MM with seed beads. Turquoise metallic and silver 6/0 Miyuki seed beads with a shell button and a seahorse charm. Second bracelet I laddered 4 beads across but did it gradually, those beads were also 6/0 Miyuki seed beads in a different turquoise hue. with a rectangle silver button. The first one is a double wrap and the second a single wrap to be worn together.

Flowers and Butterflies

This is another 2 wrap bracelet done with the ladder stitch.
Components: Green Leather Cord 1.5 MM, Transparent green Miyuki Seed Beads 6/0, Galvanized Sea Green Miyuki Seed Beads, wrapped with green C-Lon thread and a flower button and a butterfly charm.

"Imagine" Beautiful Purple

This is a Miyuki Seed Bead 6/0 ladder stitch bracelet. I love purple and I just thought adding a charm would be a nice touch to a wrap bracelet.
Components: It is your basic wrap bracelet which I do without needles and I used C-Lon thread(purple with violet leather cording. The seed beads are eggplant, and lilac with an imagine charm and silver starburst button.

Lovely Impression

This is a most beautiful piece. i saw the Impression Jasper Pillow(which I used as the button) and then I used 6MM Impression Jasper Gemstones with...
Components: 3 Wrap bracelet using the ladder stitch. I do not do the ladder stitch like the one on this site I use KO thread which I do not use a needle . I used tan leather 1.5 cord with 1 4MM bead to start and then continued with 6MM Impression Jasper Gemstones.

Spring Green

Well, I just thought the green was appropriate for spring and it was very elegant.
Components: Done on 1.5 metallic mint leather cord, ladderstitched the way I have done in the past(check out my other wrap bracelets on this site), Peridot gems, pearls, topaz, shiny rondelles, and the some moonstones and green faceted gems.

A Burst of Sunshine

Found something similar on the beadshop site. It is my first 5 wrap beaded bracelet. Now I know why they are so expensive. Took me some hours.
Components: Sundance Red Leather 1.5MM cord, 4MM perals, copper rondelles and carnelian beads with a sort of rectangle button.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet

This is one of my very favorite types of bracelets to make. They are simple and look elegant if you don't look at the tape it is on(I was trying to...
Components: This was made with purple metallic leather cord, tanzanite swarovski crystals, waxed linen(Purple I believe), and button of your choice.

Sea Button Turquoise Braided Seed Beads

My husband's 90 year old mother had passed on and she had a bunch of old buttons that were passed on to me. This button(if you can see it) has all...
Components: I used turquoise waxed linen and turquoise seed beads and braided them on (using my instructions from my other Braided Wax Linen Seed Bead Bracelets) and I used the special button which means a lot to me. Lisa LaBarre-Kurz

One of my first double wrap bracelets.

I had been wanting to make wrap bracelets for a while and I do believe this was my first. Next time I would change the color of the thread to match.
Components: I used copper leather cord and ladder stitched on Red Creek Jasper beads, 6MM. The button really makes it look southwestern, I think. Hope you like. Lisa LaBarre-Kurz

Favorite Teal Deal

This may be a bit blurry and I apologize for it. I tried desperately to buy these Muddy Spring Beads. Kevin said they had gotten them by mistake...
Components: I used Turqoise leather cord 1.5MM and they only had 6MM beads so I wasn't able to gradually use the 4MM first and then go on to the 6MM, however, I think I will remake it and I do have another bead in 4MM which will go with the design. The button is a ceramic turquoise one and I also thought it may look good with a shell button.

Drift wood Treasure

This is another wrap bracelet which my daughter decided to keep. I displayed it so it would remind me of where I picked up the Driftwood(on the...
Components: Again, I used the brown leather cord 1.4mm and I believe the beads I used were Feldspar 6mm but when you make a bracelet such as this you should begin with a 4MM bead and then continue with the 6 MM and end with another 4MM. And the button is a Leaf style round button.

Another view of Lisa LaBarre-Kurz's Seed Bead Bracelets

Just more photos of my Wax LinenBraided Seed Bead Bracelets

"Pinkie Lee"

This is a wrap bracelet done with leather cord and Rhodonite beads and pink ones. I used the ladder stitch technique that is shown by Ali,...
Components: So You would need brown Leather cord 1.5mm, Rhodonite beads and pink beads, thread to ladder stitch and a button to finish. This is a take off on Chan Luu's Wrap bracelets which cost a pretty penny but they do take time but I think they are worth it. You can find the tutorial for the stitch on the Lima Bead site. Thanks Lisa LaBarre-Kurz

Braided Wax Linen Seed Bracelets

This is a very simple bracelet to make and it looks great with a few on your wrist. As my first try with making bracelets it was an easy one to...
Components: So choose your color of waxed linen you like and use the seed beads of your choice. I used 6/0 and the 8/0 were just too tiny for me. Then choose a nice button from Lima Beads. I have gotten many compliments on them and have made them for gifts. Lisa LaBarre-Kurz

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