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Designs by Laud

Glass Sea

If I can't be by the ocean, at least, I can dream about it! I think this piece captures the sparkle of water and the frothy mixture of surf colors.
Components: Grace lampwork beads, seed beads, fire polished rounds, antique gold filigree endcaps, gold-plated button

Tropical Waters

What can I say? I just loved the colors in the Grace beads and the turquoise.
Components: Grace lampwork beads, African Turquoise, turquoise nuggets, African Opal, Czech glass rondelles, antique brass findings

Painted Violets

I've loved lacquerwork since I saw Russian fairytale boxes when I was a child. All I know of the artist who painted this piece is initials--B.L....
Components: Painted lacquer pendant, seed beads, black metal bail and clasp

Peaceful Heart

Peace jade is the perfect name for these ivory and seafoam stones. Never thought it would complement topaz until I found the Grace beads with the...
Components: Peace Jade, lampwork beads, silver beads, specially coated Swarovski crystal, Czech rondelles, freshwater pearls, silver plated spacers and clasp


I fell hard for the Grace sable celestial beads, but they're so striking on their own, what to put with them? I settled on a herringbone chain in a...
Components: Grace beads, onyx rondelles, Czech fire-polished rounds, Swarovski bicones, Delica seed beads, simple silver plated toggle clasp

Caught in the Net

The netting technique looks complicated, but it isn't that difficult. I think it creates an elegant effect, especially with the Bali clasp. Really...
Components: Seed beads, Bali silver clasp with garnets, antique silver plated beads

Ocean Waves

I'm proud of this one because I learned a few things as I made it and because I wanted the spirals to look like waves breaking, which I think they...
Components: Green Girl clasp, Toho beads, clear glass rounds, silver crimp covers, beading line and wire


I've been playing with the Cellini spiral stitch again. A while back, I did a tutorial on the stitch. Thought you might be interested in seeing the...
Components: Pink: Seed beads, Swarovski rounds, antique gold finding, freshwater pearl. Purple: Seed beads, Swarovski bicones. Blue: Seed beads, silver plated ocean swirl clasp.

Copper Butterfly

I found the pretty copper butterfly at the bead show in Milwaukee. When I attached it to a ring of copper tubes, the butterfly was freed to move...
Components: Copper butterfly; copper tubes; copper-plated rounds and clasp; Czech fire-polished rounds; seed beads in turquoise, blue-grey, white-blue, crystal-copper

Green Ocean

I had two necklaces that lacked... something. When I put them together, I liked the result. What do you think?
Components: Ocean Jasper, Tree Agate, freshwater pearls, Swarovski cubes, gold-plated findings, seed beads

Feelin' the Need for Green

I have cabin fever after months of snow. Love to take a hike through a leafy forest with wildflowers peeking up through fallen leaves, dappled...
Components: Ocean jasper, new jade, African turquoise, aventurine, Czech glass leaves and beads, antique copper findings


I love Celtic symbols. The triquetra (three linked ovals) is a pagan symbol co-opted by the Catholic church as a way to teach about the Trinity....
Components: Green & green/brown jasper, jade, Swarovski crystal, silver-plated findings

More Leather Beads

I'm still working with the leather beads. Thought these looked good with a silk ribbon I just bought. Wish I had more large-hole beads!
Components: Leather beads, antique silver spacers, tagua nuts, silk ribbon

Remember these?

It's been a while since LB had these leather beads. I liked their looks, but how to use them? Tried smaller stones, but the leather beads just...
Components: Leather beads, ocean jasper, gold-plated rondelles, mookaite nuggets, brass chain, sunburst toggle, seed beads. (All LB except the jasper and chain.)

Fox in Winter Forest

We've had deep snow since December. One evergreen outside my window is a kind of gauge of how much snow fell the night before. (How much...
Components: Humblebeads fox, tree agate, antique copper branches and clasp, antique copper ring chain, white howlite, frosted quartz, aventurine, Fire Agate, Czech rounds

Blue Tiger

I knew I wanted to pair blue tiger eye with gold tiger eye, but the bronze clasp helped nail down the final design.
Components: Blue Tiger Eye, Tiger Eye, Blue Goldstone, Sodalite, Saki bronze clasp, bronze spacers, seed beads


I'm in my bold phase; winter does that to me. When spring comes, I get all frilly and light, but this unending snow and cold calls for STRENGTH.
Components: Artistic jasper, pyrite, sardonyx, onyx, variegated quartz, gunmetal clasp

Coral Grace (Revised)

I'd asked if the dangles worked in this piece, got some good critique, and compromised! The long dangles are gone, but not the silver leaves. Also...
Components: Grace Lampwork kalera and pillow beads; antique silver links, chain, bead caps and clasp; rock crystal; Swarovski crystal.


If you've read sci-fi or watched TV shows, you know that a wormhole (tesseract) is a shortcut through space. The Saki piece looked like a wormhole...
Components: Saki focal, silver- and antique-silver links and clasp, brass-edged glass, shell coins, shell pearls, hematite tubes, black/silver chain

Snow Queen

I always loved the image of the Snow Queen--someone who thrived on cold. There are a few snow women in mythology,too. The necklace is right for...
Components: Rock crystal, frosted/crackled quartz, opalite glass diamonds, crystal rondelles and bicones, seed beads, gold-plated clasp

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