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Designs by Laud


I had the Gaea pendant and the charoite rondelles for some time. Both seemed special to me; I didn't want to "lose" them in a design where they...
Components: Gaea ceramic pendant, Grace pillows, charoite rondelles, fw pearls, shell pearls, Czech glass, antique silver clasp.

Yellow Roses

I liked the autumn colors and tribal feel of the Grace beads. When I looked closer, I saw designs that looked like yellow roses, so I added...
Components: Grace pillow beads, glass leaves, Czech rondelles, crystals, seed beads, antique copper clasp.

Orange Slices

Just a simple study in orange and blue.
Components: Ceramic slices, ceramic blue/white tubes, pc medallion, dumortierite rounds, wooden rounds, lapis rounds, Czech glass rondelles, seed beads, gunmetal bail and clasp

Still Feelin' Fall

I inherited three raku leaves. They're interesting because both sides look good. Didn't know how to use them or the big, turquoise ovals until I...
Components: Gaea pendant, Xaz raku rounds, raku leaves, spotted agate, Czech glass, antique copper clasp

Fantasy Floral

I fell hard for the Vintage Meadow acrylic pieces and wanted to find a way to set off their delicacy and richness. The bead chain is a style I...
Components: Acrylic flowers and leaves, glass nugget, Czech glass, seed beads, antique gold findings


*Going to the ocean. I've been designing watery pieces all year. Finally, I'm taking a trip to the ocean!
Components: Czech glass squares, rondelles, fire-polished rondelles; antique gold charms and clasp; seed beads

Golden Dawn

Maybe this is a design only a mother could love: It's symmetrical and tonal. But doggone, the agates have creamy, subtle patterns, and the glass...
Components: Agate, opal hearts, Czech wedges, Czech rondelles, matte gold-plated spacer beads, brass fairy pendant and sunburst toggle.


Why "Sunf" instead of "Sunflower"? The Kylie Parry piece shows only part of a flower. I set it at shoulder blade level, but when I was...
Components: KP sunflower pendant; Earthenwood Studios clasp; purple jade (dyed); ceramic rounded squares and drops; Czech chandeliers and rondelles; wood rounds; matte rust seed beads


Mauve is such a Victorian color. Add in lavender, and we might as well get out the long, silk dresses.

The bronzed wisteria maple leaves were...
Components: Unicorne lampwork focal; cape amethyst, amethyst, dogtooth amethyst and crazy lace purple agate rounds; Czech glass leaves, flowers, rondelles, polished rounds; bronze-lined crystal magatamas; antique silver bead caps, chain and clasp.


My husband said, "It kinda looks like one of those horns of plenty." I was so pleased because bounty--abundance--is what this piece is about.
Components: Lots! Gaea ceramic pendant and rounds, saucers by unknown artist; wooden saucers and flat ovals; seed rounds; recycled glass nuggets; fire agate; olive jade; Czech rounds, ron delles, flowers, leaves and squares; silk ribbon; antique brass chain


I love spirals. When LB got the conch shells and ammonite, I snatched a few!
Components: Conch shell puffs, antique brass ammonites and swirl clasp, African brass, wild horse picture jasper, white agate, bone, Grace Amber Waves lampwork beads, seed beads

Deep Blue Sea

Thought I was done with the beachy designs, but I seem to have a few more in the works. This one came about when I was inspecting the bright blues...
Components: Spiral bracelet: Seed beads, antique silver bead caps and clasp. Charm bracelet and earrings: Deep blue mystery jasper, blue line agate, apatite, freshwater pearls, unicorne bead drops, antique silver cones and clasp, dancing ring chain

Summer's End

I'm noticing coppers creeping into my garden. The walnut tree is dropping its leaves. Reluctant to admit the seasons are changing, I arranged a...
Components: Czech dragonfly coin and rondelles; Vintaj copper leaves; antique copper rounds, spacers and clasp; crackle glass nuggets.

Just Foolin' Around

I've been doing "serious" designs for a while--time to do something fun. Foxhill Designs VT's POD "Chartreuse Surprise" gave me the opportunity to...
Components: Handmade copper chain, copper clasp, mixed green fire agates (inherited), yellow jade, many types of Czech glass--all LB (except clasp and fire agates).

August at the Lake

I spent a lot of summers on Lake Huron--pale sky, beach dotted with tufts of grass, weathered raft, swallows darting at water's edge to catch...
Components: Amazonite ovals, lampwork glass, pineapple jasper, Czech glass, wood jasper(?), blue impression jasper, teal impression jasper, aquamarine, antique brass focal and clasp

Sunlit Sea

I bought the Swarovski waves for another piece, where they didn't look right. I think they've found a good home next to the Grace beads. Oh, and...
Components: Swarovski wave crystals, Grace Lampwork lentils, crazy lace agate ovals and clasp, turquoise impression barrels, Czech glass, antique brass rounds and spacers

Sand Dollar

LB has these wonderful apollo seed beads that resemble sand. I added ochre, mossy and sage beads in a herringbone pattern that creates a wavy...
Components: Seed beads, brass sanddollar and clasp, freshwater pearls, Czech glass shells.

Aqua! Aqua!

I've fallen for this color. Can't seem to get enough of it.

I started the Cellini spiral thinking it would look nice with the glass fairy, but...
Components: Spiral bracelet: Seed beads, Grace rondelles, Gaea rondelles, Czech glass, antique silver button. Dragonfly bracelet: Czech glass, Amazonite, antique copper clasp.

Cellini How-to

People have been so kind about commenting on my spiral weave pieces, I thought I'd return the favor. This is the first one I made. It's more...
Components: Size 15, 11, 8 and 6 seed beads; needle; thread, (I've used 6 pound Fireline); beading dish. (I arrange the beads in order in the compartments of my beading dish.)


I learned a new stitch--Dutch spiral. It's a slow-go, but the result is pretty dramatic. When a friend said, "That looks like a wave," I had a name...
Components: Silver-plated bead caps and clasp, seed beads: white-lined gray 15, white-lined gray 11, metallic aqua 11, matte aqua 11, pearlized rust 8, blue-green luster 8, green luster 6, picasso green luster 6, crystal siver-gold luster 6

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