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Designs by ChickyD aka Debra

Spikealicious Chain Maille

made in a class at Nomadic Notions in Austin. base metal jump rings & 8 mm top-drilled Swavorski crystals in rainbow colors.

Mucha Collar Necklace I

I LOVE this necklace. I made it in a bead class in Austin and get more compliments on it than almost anything else I've made. The girls at...
Components: brass chain, fire-polish, 3mm bugle beads, and size 11 beads.

Beach Bangles

I made the blue-green one on the left in a class at Nomadic Notions in Austin. These are ADDICTING, and I can't seem to stop whipping them out. I...
Components: size 8 delicas, glass pearls, and fire-polish.

Caribbean Dreams Necklace

Some of y'all may remember the pendant from several months ago. It's part of a necklace now. I really enjoy wearing it.

I kept to the informal...
Components: ss, fw pearls, bone skulls, Russian Amazonite, African Turquoise, & impression jasper

Pearl sunburst

This is a chainmail necklace I finished in a class at Nomadic Notions in Austin Sunday evening. I've started on another one, but I'm having...
Components: fw pearls, ss, Czech glass, Swavorski crystal dangles

Viking Heart

My first attempt at Viking knitting. Made for myself!
Components: 24 g. ss wire, bead caps, spacers, Swavorski crystals, & puffy heart

Mermaid's Bracelet

I made this in a class earlier this week. It uses St. Petersburg stitch and can be made small and daity or big and chunky. I chose big and chunky...
Components: large delicas, size 11 seed beads, fw pearls, and Czech glass.

Silver & Copper Chandeliers

Just experimenting with making chandelier earrings.
Components: copper frames & Thai tribe silver

Silver & Pearls

Felt like making something dangly.
Components: fw pearls, ss chain, pewter bead cap, Swavorski crystals, and ss spacers

Swavorski Chandeliers

Just messing around, making earrings...
Components: Copper chandelier frame & jet Swavorski crystals

Copper Spiral Earrings

Just copper spiral earrings. Inspired by all the lovely wire work in the Design Gallery.
Components: 16 g. copper

Kyanite Drops

I made this after being inspired by a pair of earrings in a book.
Components: Kyanite from LB, 24 g. ss wire, and Swavorski crystals


I made a necklace and earrings set for my sister for Christmas.
Components: lovely pendant by Lynda, Bronzite, Black Leopardskin Jasper, and champagne fw pearls all from LB, Swavorski crystals, ss wire, and chain.

Some Enchanted Evening Earrings II

A less expensive version than the one with all the Swavorski crystals.
Components: various seed beads

Rose and Copper Cuff

This is the 3rd cuff I've made in this color-way. They're all different, of course. The other 2 sold before I could get a picture of them. Let's...
Components: 14 g. copper, 24 g. copper, Swavorski crystals, glass pearls, and various seed beads

Some Enchanted Evening I

I began these in a class last Thursday and finished them last night. I've already begun a 2nd pair.
Components: Swavorski crystals in black diamond and siam, seed beads in various sizes, ss chain

Caribbean Dreams

I made this pendant in a class last night. Look for a necklace to follow... Made it for myself because I'm desparate to get away to a tropical...
Components: Blue Impression Jasper, 18 g. ss frame coiled with 24 g. ss., ss flipflop charm, Swarovski crystal, a fw pearl, and a couple of Thai tribe silver pieces.

Stormy Seas Agate

This was inspired by the new agate stones at LB. It's for sale in the teachers' lounge.
Components: Copper chain, spacers, and clasp, blue agate with rings, Swavorski Montana crystals, fw pearls. Only the pearls and crystals are not from LB.

Chainmail Blossoms I

Chainmail Blossom pattern from a class I took.
Components: copper & basemetal jump rings & Swavorski baroque crytal pendants

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