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Designs by Bella Chick aka Chill

Sugilite Reigns!

Sugilite designs are displayed at a recent craft show...compliments to LB for great gemstones!
Components: LB Sugilite Jasper, LB Sugilite, LB Amethyst, sterling silver, rice pearls

Labradorite's Glow

I received this gorgeous Labradorite freeform pendant for LB and it is beautiful! The pendant has glowing blues and greens swirling thriugh it! It...
Components: Labradorite (LB pendant), Labradorite rectangles, LB stormy blue and silver green rice pearls, sterling bail and earring components

Free Peach Pits!

What to do with the LB "Free" Peach Pits? Finally I put something together... I may never sell would be an interesting conversation piece,...
Components: LBM's FREE Peach Pits, LB Red Conglomerate Jasper, Carnelian faceted rounds & nuggets, Red Jasper rounds, sterling silver

New Tweed Jacket

Love the Sugilite Jasper! Waiting for LB to re-stock the lg Teardrop this will have to do!
with my purple, teal & black tweed...
Components: Sugilite Jasper, Cape Amethyst, Amethyst, sterling silver

A Touch of Copper

Botswana Agate's rich blend of cool and warm earthy tones come to life with a touch of warm copper...each stone has unique style, color and...
Components: Botswana Agate (LB), Copper beads and findings

Cappuccino or Expresso?

Love these Agate patterns! They remind me of the many colorful tones in coffees and expressos...the patterns in the agate remind me of cappuccino...
Components: Brown Lace Agate, Goldstone, Mocca Swarovski, Sterling Silver components

Blue Impressions

Love the teal blue and cream combination! Made to add to my jewelry collection to sell...Teal is a favorite!
Components: LB Blue Impression Jasper, LB Oregon Snakeskin Agate horse eye pendant, LB Fossil Coral cubes, Turquoise chips, sterling silver

Summer's Glow

A handful of neutral stones came to life with a touch of orange! I made it to sell, but I will probably end up wearing it! It will be a "go with...
Components: LB Oregon Snakeskin Agate, LB Moonstone (multi), LB Botswana Agate, orange shell round beads, Sterling Silver

Chocolate Sundae

LB Bead Machine inticed me into these Red Conglomerate Jasper gemstones... chocolate...vanilla...a bit of cherry...MMMM!
Components: LB Red Conglomerate Jasper, LB Apple Jasper, LB Fossil Coral, Sterling Silver

Bella Marina

This set reminds me of the waters of the & breathtaking blues and greens...Bella!
A recent addition to my Bella Collina Jewelry...
Components: LB China Chrysocolla, New Jade, Marine Blue shell beads, various Sterling Silver smooth round beads, SS Toggle clasps, chain sections, & earwires

Fire Spots

Orange is always on my mind! Love those Clemson and orange is popular around here! Orange just is so eye-catching! The...
Components: Fire Agate stones and chips, Madagascar Carnelian puff squares, Carnelian faceted rounds, sterling silver

"Horsing Around"

Inspired by the new Design Gallery! I am a attempt at beginning to step outside my box for a new look! Again, I do love...
Components: Golden Horse Jasper, LB Copper Fiddlehead Fern drop on pendant, mixed copper beads, Sun Swarovski bicones, Red Adventurine rounds

Amazing Amazonite

Amazonite is so beautiful and so versatile! I had 3-strand sterling clasps & wanted to use them...dug through my bead box to find enough Amazonite...
Components: Amazonite Thin Pillows & Chips, Freshwater Potato Pearls, Aquamarine Coins, Pacific Opal Swarovski bicones, and Sterling Silver

Botswana Beaches

Our SC beaches are filled with swirling grays...shells, sand, and water! This LB Gray Botswana Agate brings me closer to what I love!
Components: Gray Botswana Agate, Sterling Silver

Pink...I Think?

Pink... for a dear young friend who can't get enough of matter what shade it is! Mauve is more of the true color...either you love or hate...
Components: Rhodonite, Jet Swarovski bicones, Sterling silver

Bella's Orange

My first Lima Bead purchase....I chose Orange Botswana makes me smile! The only set so far I have promised myself to keep and not...
Components: Orange Botswana Agate, Sterling Silver

Lavender Mist

Purples are so calming and becoming on everyone! I had a few Amethyst chips and cape amethyst left over, and made a simple set...understated, yet...
Components: Cape Amethyst, Amethyst, Sterling Silver

Earth and Sea

The earthy browns and soothing watery blues are a perfect combination! The addition of the swirling wire on the pendant makes it a more unique...
Components: Blue Calsilica Jasper, Russian Amazonite oval pendant, Sterling Silver

Back to Nature

The African Jade Freeform Drops and Dragonfly Bead Machine purchases were the inspiration for this set! I also purchased the apple jasper and...
Components: African Jade Freeform drops, African Jade flat coins, Apple Jasper, Stampt Copper Large Dragonfly, and copper Clematis connectors.

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