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Designs by D Dupree


This says the color is yellow,but has more of a Yellow orange hue.
Components: Yellow agate ladder pendant with yellow agate and yellow jade beads.Brown, silver, and copper wire


this is another of the pendants I did earlier just need the sm beads
Components: Rose Quartz pendant and beads

China Knot

this piece took some thought .Redid it once but liked this so keep this one
Components: Indian agate Chinese knot with indian agate beads

Green Adventure

this one is unsual but really nice on both sides.Almost all pendants are removable.
Components: Green adventurine with rose gold

Dalmation Puppy

This is the finished necklace of the dalmation pendant I showed the other day.Needed the sm dalmation beads to complete.
Components: Dalmation Jasper with sm dalmation jasper and black beads

Aqua Water

This is a pretty aqua agate I wrapped very different and I think it turned out beautiful
Components: Aqua Agate rose gold wire and champane pearls


Extra large howlite pendant so I thought it needed 2 strands in the necklace to support it
Components: Large cream howlite with 2 strands of brown and cream beads

elegant blue

Had the pendant and it needed something simple to be with so I added silver beads and made the chain a delicate loop.Smallest pendant that I have...
Components: Blue denim lapis pendant with blue and silver beads and wire

Turquoise and Pearls

Turquoise and pearls just go together.
Components: Turquoise howlite and pearls

Bubble Gum

I called this piece bubble gum because you said that was what the pink howlite reminded you of.
Components: Pink howlite, sliver, pink howlite nuggets and pearls.silver wire

Simply Red

Nothing simple about this ,but wouldn't it look good with that little black dress or some navy blue
Components: Red Howlite with silver wrap pendant and red beads

new pendants

Don't have my beads yet to make the necklace. When I get them I will repost these.
Components: turquoise with silver wrap, rose quartz with rose gold wrap, and dalmation jasper with silver wrap

Turquoise and Black

wanted something other that turquoise with white and silver
Components: Turquoise pendant, silver wrap, with black beads


free form pink howlite pendant is the girly pink and the pink howlite nuggets and white beads just set it off nicely
Components: Free form pink howlite, pink howlite nuggets, and white beads with silver wire

Agate Flower

loved the indian agate flower when I got it so I just dressed it up a bit
Components: Indian agate flower, rose gold wrap bail with creamy pearl nuggets and reddish brown beads

Red & Black Teardrop

Sponge coral with red,black,and silver beads. Most all my things I make where you can wear them with or without the pendant.Gives you more choices...
Components: Red sponge coral, red, black and silver beads with silver wire

White bone

White bone pendant with black and white beads. the other picture shows the pendant better
Components: White bone pendent, black beads and white pearls

Adventurous aventurine

Adventuring into new ideas of beading.Did wrap the adventurine then tried my hand at doing the bead chain work. Ended up with something I really like
Components: Adventurine pendant, pearls, beads & rose gold wire for all the wire work


Did this piece when just trying out bending wire to make a complete necklace
Components: Copper wire and small brown beads

Purple Night

Love the pendant even though purple isn't one of my colors.If you can't wear purple you can if it is an accent
Components: Amenthyst pendent with purple and silver besds

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