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Designs by Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry

Chakra tree of life

This is my second attempt at the tree of life pendant.
This time I went for silver plated wire and chakra stones.
I think I prefer the other...
Components: 14 gauge silver plated round wire 24 gauge silver plated wire clear quartz chips amethyst chips sodalite chips green dyed quartz chips citrine chips carnelian chips red jasper chips 4mm curb chain silver plated

Tree of life pendant

Sooo, this is my first attempt at a tree of life pendant.
I have seen these for a while and admired them, but me being me,didnt want to jump on...
Components: 16 Gauge brass wire 22 gauge vintaj antique brass wire antique brass chain imperial jasper chips

dreaming of quartz

This design came to me in a dream the other night. I was so excited and went straight to my studio to make it in the morning. I wasnt sure if the...
Components: Quartz points lapis chips gold stone chips antique brass chain vintaj antique brass wire 20 g lobster clasp

The ultimate healer .. with a bonus!

The past few weeks I have been very unbalanced. So today I decided to take a day away from my lovely customers and focus on me. I put on my...
Components: Raw apatite specimen sunstone nuggets sodalite chips brass hamsa charm brass chain antique brass wire

An unintentional acorn ...

So I decided to make another necklace in the style I made yesterday now I am enjoying the stamping! I chose this beautiful green African opal and...
Components: Green African Opal, Ocean Jasper, 2mm antique brown leather cord, green seed beads, copper blank, 18 gauge antique copper colored wire, 2mm copper crimp cord ends. lobster clasp.

Shine Bright free spirit!

So I keep seeing these wire wrapped necklaces everywhere. I love the look of them but instead of being shiny and silver I wanted to make something...
Components: Citrine, Amethyst, copper blanks, 16 gauge copper colored wire, 2mm antique brown leather cord. lobster clasp

Is this better than the last one?

Ok everyone. Thank you for your help yesteday with my original design. Now I've been in the workshop today and totally remade it! I decided to go...
Components: emerald rough cut tear drops rose quartz chips pearlised rose seed beads silver plated goddess charm memory wire


Hi everyone
I need your help! I was asked by a family friend to make her a bracelet using these stones that she picked herself. Rose quartz ovals...
Components: oval rose quartz beads emerald rough cut tear drops silver plated 4mm jump rings 10mm lobster clasp rose quartz chip

Ancient Celts amulet

I first made one of these two years ago when I first started making jewelry. It was in one of my books. Yesterday I decided to revisit my books and...
Components: 2mm leather cord chrysocolla flat rounds 10mm 14mm red tigers eye 8mm red tigers eye 16 gauge bronze colored wire 26 gauge gunmetal wire. copper jump rings. brass crimp ends.

Guardian bracelets

These are what I like to call my guardian bracelets. I believe everyone has a particular stone which is special and protective to them and I wanted...
Components: 2 mm brown leather cord. Oval rhyolite stone, rough black tourmaline stones, rough cut Amethyst stone, crystal rondelle, 20 gauge silver plated wire for the jump rings, pewter leather crimps, lobster clasps.

Chakra pendant

I recently went to see a Crystal healer, for various things I have going on in my life right now. She taught me more than I knew about the Chakras...
Components: Rainbow moonstone, Amethyst, Sodalite, Aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian and red jasper. Silver plated 20 gauge wire. Silver plated chain.

Earth Charm

This is what I like to call my Earth charms, simply because it looks like a little planet earth. I have had so many comments on this when I wore it...
Components: 14 mm Turquoise impression jasper, 24 gauge silver plated wire. 20 gauge wire, for the center pin. Silver plated chain. Lobster clasp. Jump rings for the extender chain at the back.

Oceans whisper

This ocean jasper has been calling to me lately. Maybe it's because we will be taking our belated honeymoon soon and I am real excited to breathe...
Components: Ocean Jasper, silver leaf chain 4 mm leather cord 20 gauge non tarnish silver wire for the clasp and chain Triquetra charms

Hammered amethyst hoops

Love these rough cut amethyst stones so I framed them to make them stand out. I've not made earrings for a while, so today is the day!
Components: Amethyst, 20 gauge non tarnish silver wire, earring hooks.

My beautiful studio

This is my beautiful studio built for me by my Husband. He converted one of our walk in closets to make it. He has provided me with tool rack, bead...

Memory wire bracelet. A gift to me!

After making the two memory wire bracelets for my friend and her Daughter, I was so happy with them that I decided I would love to have one too, so...
Components: Chinese Turquoise, Red Jasper, Amazonite, memory wire, purple seed beads, green man charm.

Mother,Daughter gifts for close friends

I made these memory wire bracelets for my best friend and her Daughter as a gift of thanks for all of the help and friendship they have given to me...
Components: Chinese Turquoise, Amethyst, purple impression jasper, purple seed beads, memory wire, various charms.

wire bracelets

Last night I was suffering from insomnia, so I ended up making these bracelets in the early hours of the morning.
I wrapped the wire around each...
Components: various 10mm round beads - Amazonite, Carnelian, green Agate, 20 gauge gunmetal colored copper wire for the wrapping and to make the jump rings for the chain and also for the clasp which I hammered.

Dispelling Quartz

This one is named for it's use.
I have carried this Large rough cut Quartz in my pocket or handbag because I kept getting painful electric shocks...
Components: Large Quartz stone, 20 gauge copper gunmetal wire for the chain, 26 gauge copper gunmetal wire for the wire wrapping, feathers.

A handful of magic and sparkle

I have had this gorgeous little sparkly, gold , round amulet for well over a year. I was drawn to it and finally I have found the right pieces to...
Components: 20 gauge brass wire - to make the jump rings for the chain and wire cones. mixed feathers. Rough citrine stones. Gold sparkle amulet.

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