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Designs by Ginger Gem Crafts Kerry

Nursing necklace

Hi, I was asked to make a nursing necklace for my friend and this is the result. It's not something I have ever done before so I had to research a...
Components: Green Aventurine, Impression Jasper, red creek jasper, Various large wooden beads, leather cord.

Elven head dress

OK, so this is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I have tried so many times over the past two years and each time ended up getting...
Components: 14 gauge silver plated wire, 24 gauge silver plated wire, tear drop moss opalite.

Green African Opal

I love these Green African Opal stones that I got in the Lima beads sale. I have been toying with this idea for a while as I keep seeing these one...
Components: Green African Opal, German fancy twisted wire, leaf fall chain, made with love charm, 1mm silver chain, lobster clasp, jump rings.

New background for my jewelry

OK, so this is not about the jewelry. Today My Husband sourced me a new background to take pictures of my jewelry. What do you think?
I love...
Components: A rock Some Moss Some pebbles A large quartz stone from the lake where we got engaged! A log

Brighten up my heart!

This one was made late last night when I had a sudden attraction to my yellow Jasper and Chinese Turquoise. Since valentines day is coming up I...
Components: Yellow jasper oval beads. Chinese Turquoise chips. 20 gauge Copper wire colored in gun metal. 1 mm leather cord

Inspired by the Celtic heart

Oh I'm so attached to these Golden quartz rough points! This design came from the heart. Once again it's one of those that I don't realize is...
Components: 5 Golden quartz rough points, varying sizes. (The middles one is my favorite with its dark coloring.) 16 gauge copper wire ( for the frame ) 20 gauge copper wire ( for the wire wrapping and jump rings) 2 gold crimps suede/leather flat cord.

Celtic horse pendant

This one was just a bit of fun because of my obsession with horses and my Celtic blood!
I think it's quite cute though! Next time I would...
Components: 18 gauge wire ( for the hammered horse shape ) Chinese turquoise chips ( for the mane ) one swarovski crystal rondelle 2mm (for the horses eye. ) 24 gauge silver wire ( for the wire wrapping ) 3mm tan leather cord 1.5mm waxed blue cord 2 crimps 1 antique silver lobster clasp

Kyanite hammered courage amulet

This pendant is an adaptation of a previous design of mine. After I had finished my magical Golden quartz amulet last night, I thought what a great...
Components: one Kyanite point 16 gauge silver plated wire ( for the frame around the point ) 22 gauge silver plated wire ( fort he wire wrapping ) 18 gauge silver plated wire ( for the chain and jump rings )

Hammered Golden quartz healing amulet

I made this Golden quartz pendant with a means to empower it for myself as a healing amulet for some negative experiences I have been having with...
Components: 20 gauge antique copper wire ( for the jump rings, chain wire wrapping and clasp ) 16 gauge antique copper wire ( for the hammered frame around the quartz ) One rough cut Golden quartz point.

Green Agate & copper bracelet

This is a matching bracelet I made to match the necklace I just put in the design gallery. As you can see the sun shone through the window just as...
Components: Green agate 12mm rounds Antique brass swarovski spacers 18 gauge copper wire for the jump rings copper lobster clasp.

Green Agate drop necklace

An adaptation of some wire work I spotted on Etsy. It was surprisingly easier than it looks! I chose to use my nice green stripe Agate stones to...
Components: 12mm round Agate stones. 8mm round Agate stones. 18 gauge copper wire 16 gauge copper wire Swarovski antique brass spacers Copper lobster clasp

Bridesmaids charms re trial

I already made a bracelet for my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding, but was not completely happy with it, so this is what Ii have come up with...
Components: Green jade rounds 12mm. Crystal rondelles. 20 gauge silver plated wire for the jump rings. silver lobster clasps. silver chain. silver leaf chain. made with love charms. silver bead caps.

Kyanite point

Similar idea to the amber quartz I just uploaded. except using silver wire and chain.
Components: Kyanite point Silver 20 gauge wire silver chain

Amber quartz

I keep seeing lovely wire wrapped quartz points and thought I would have a go. I decided brown leather cord would go real nice with the Amber...
Components: Amber quartz point colored brass wire 18 gauge 2mm leather cord antique brass crimps antique brass lobster clasp

Kyanite and tigers eye

I am very attracted to the kyanite points I have and have been wanting to use them for a while now but was not sure with what. Today I happened to...
Components: Kyanite, Tiger Eye, Amazonite, 20 gauge silver plated wire for jump rings. Lobster clasp, silver leaf chain for decoration at the end of the extender for the clasp.

Butterfly charm bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by a friend of mine that passed away. She had a love for butterflies and any shade of purple!
Components: Tourmaline, 20 gauge silver plated wire - for the jump rings, Silver leaf fall chain, Butterfly charm. purple seed beads.

Unicorn charm bracelet

I have had a lot of charms hanging around for a while now, and I have finally found a use for them to add a little something to various bracelets!
Components: Amazonite, Chinese Turquoise, Sodalite, 20 gauge silver plated wire, Silver leaf fall chain. Unicorn charm. Various seed beads

Prancing Pegasus

I love these blue impression jasper stones and wanted to make a bracelet. I wanted to make something that was more than just your average plain...
Components: 8mm Blue impression jasper rounds Oval impression jasper stones 20 Gauge silver plated wire - to make the jump rings and clasp Various blue seed beads Silver leaf chain Pegasus charm

Horsing around

I absolutely love horses and recently had to let mine go due to my wedding coming up and a big move! I love the lipstick ranch pendants I have had...
Components: Lipstick ranch horse pendant 10mm blue impression jasper rounds 8mm Red creek jasper rounds 20 Gauge colored wire 'Believe' charm Various blue seed beads. 18 Gauge wire - to make the Celtic spiral dangle.

Bridesmaids charms

I am getting married soon and have been trying to come up with a nice piece of jewelry as a gift for my Bridesmaids.
My theme is olive green and...
Components: 10mm dark green Jade rounds silver crystal rondelles 3mm silver leaf chain 20 gauge silver wire for jump rings and pins. 24 gauge silver wire to suspend crystal and wire wrap. 2mm silver chain silver lobster clasp.

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