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Designs by Kerry

Butterfly charm bracelet

This bracelet is inspired by a friend of mine that passed away. She had a love for butterflies and any shade of purple!
Components: Tourmaline, 20 gauge silver plated wire - for the jump rings, Silver leaf fall chain, Butterfly charm. purple seed beads.

Unicorn charm bracelet

I have had a lot of charms hanging around for a while now, and I have finally found a use for them to add a little something to various bracelets!
Components: Amazonite, Chinese Turquoise, Sodalite, 20 gauge silver plated wire, Silver leaf fall chain. Unicorn charm. Various seed beads

Prancing Pegasus

I love these blue impression jasper stones and wanted to make a bracelet. I wanted to make something that was more than just your average plain...
Components: 8mm Blue impression jasper rounds Oval impression jasper stones 20 Gauge silver plated wire - to make the jump rings and clasp Various blue seed beads Silver leaf chain Pegasus charm

Horsing around

I absolutely love horses and recently had to let mine go due to my wedding coming up and a big move! I love the lipstick ranch pendants I have had...
Components: Lipstick ranch horse pendant 10mm blue impression jasper rounds 8mm Red creek jasper rounds 20 Gauge colored wire 'Believe' charm Various blue seed beads. 18 Gauge wire - to make the Celtic spiral dangle.

Bridesmaids charms

I am getting married soon and have been trying to come up with a nice piece of jewelry as a gift for my Bridesmaids.
My theme is olive green and...
Components: 10mm dark green Jade rounds silver crystal rondelles 3mm silver leaf chain 20 gauge silver wire for jump rings and pins. 24 gauge silver wire to suspend crystal and wire wrap. 2mm silver chain silver lobster clasp.

wire wrapped earring project

This was an intermediate project from one of my favorite books. I adapted it a little with different sized stones and coiling with wire. It took a...
Components: Moss Opalite, teardrop. Amazonite 6mm rounds 24 gauge silver wire 18 gauge silver wire silver earring hooks

In memory of a friend

I made this for a friend of mine who asked for something purple and something with butterflies. The colour and the butterflies are both favourite...
Components: 12mm faceted purple line agate, 8mm faceted Amethyst, Butterfly charms, 20 gauge silver plated wire for the jump rings. Silver plated lobster clasp, silver chain.

Moonstone Goddess

A friend asked if I could make her something out of Moonstone using a Goddess and this is what I came up with. I hope she will like it!
Components: Multi Moonstone oblongs, and multi moonstone rounds 6mm. Silver plated lobster clasp, Silver plated 20 gauge wire to make the jump rings and to attach the stones.

Amethyst and sea jasper

I have been wanting to use these purple sea jasper stones for a long time. I kept picking them out, then putting them back, then picking them out,...
Components: 20 gauge brass wire Amethyst rough cut stones Purple sea jasper ovals

Etrizomp ni Kelted ( the Celtic tribes are gathering )

I have been one very busy bee today! I was listening to a band called Omnia,which do a lot of tribal, Celtic, pagan songs and as some of you will...
Components: Large oval Turquoise dyed howlite stones 16 gauge silver wire Chinese turquoise chips silver jump rings 20 gauge silver wire antique silver lobster clasps

something Blue

Ok, so I am not sure about this one. Decided to do something different and tried using some seed beads. Not sure if I am happy with the result, as...
Components: Blue Celtic swirl pendent silver plated jump rings Chinese Turquoise nuggets Teal assorted seed beads Silver lobster clasp 24 gauge wire

Fire bracelet

My first attempt at a wrap bracelet.
Components: 20 Gauge wire Fire agate stones red tigers eye 3mm round stones sun charm orange ribbon leaf fall chain

Celtic Green dream

My first try at hammering metal. I love working with brass. Not sure if I like the pendant yet. I kinda ran out of stuff, so made one by spiralling...
Components: 16 gauge brass wire 20 gauge brass wire Green jasper ovals Emerald rough cuts

Decorative shoe clip

I have been fascinated lately by by the beautiful feathered and jewelled designs I am seeing people put on their shoes! What a great idea, to be...
Components: assorted Feathers Brass button Ornate antique silver button beading thread ( to tie the two buttons together ) Card stock ( just a little, to hold the feathers and buttons together ) Good quality glue Hair clip or slide

Goddess necklace

I have had this lipstick ranch Goddess for a while now, and was a little unsure what to do with it. I picked out all of my gemstones that needed...
Components: Copper lipstick ranch goddess beading wire Copper crimp beads Copper lobster clasp Copper jump rings 12mm Magnesite rounds 8mm Howlite rounds 4mm Chrysoprase rounds 6mm Rhyolite rounds

Yellow rosary beads. custom order

A friend asked if i could make him some yellow rosary beads with a difference, so here is the finished product. I hope he will be happy with it.
Components: 20 gauge brass wire - for the jump rings and head pins. Lipstick ranch iron cross dog tag. Yellow jasper flat ovals 14x10mm. Yellow jade round 8mm. Yellow jade rice 35x10mm.

And now for something completely different...

As it suggests in the title, this is something i have never tried before. I had this brass wire and was at a loss what to do with it. I also had...
Components: 14 gauge brass wire. 8mm red tigers eye beads. 14mm Turquoise impression jasper beads. 12mm magnesite beads. Antique brass jump rings. The gold spacers are actually from guitar strings! Antique brass lobster clasp.

Romance at the beach bracelet

I made this bracelet to go with my Red jasper necklace ( see my other designs )They go very well together. I actually ran out of beads for this...
Components: Brecciated Jasper, 8mm round beads. Copper wire, 20 gauge. Antique copper lobster clasp.

Romance at the beach

I was walking the beach at sunrise with my partner when i took pictures of my Red Jasper necklace, hence the name! and since red represents love...
Components: 8mm breciated jasper round beads. Red Jasper pillow beads. Copper gypsy hoop. Copper wire, 20 gauge. Antique copper lobster clasp.

Gem in the sand

I made this piece using Turquoise dyed Howlite, which, if you are low on money is a great alternative to turquoise.I love the Celtic swirls on the...
Components: Turquoise dyed Howlite round 12mm beads. Turquoise dyed Howlite horse eye beads. Antique silver daisy bead caps. Silver jump rings. Celtic pendant. Silver lobster clasp.

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