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Born & bred Bostonian (still working in town, but living on the Rhode Island border). Married with one son (nearly 6 years old) and an aging (17+ years old) Jack Russell Terrier. Owner of Whistling Frog Winery, with several award winning wines. Hobbies include beading, cake making and reading.

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  • B Miller commented on the blog post Easter Egg Hunt 2014 Winners   1 week, 4 days ago

    Thanks again for a great hunt, Lima Beads! Didn’t drive myself crazy this year as I have in the past – ended up with 65 eggs and some great prizes, looking forward to receiving my order soon!

  • B Miller commented on the blog post Easter Egg Hunt 2015   2 weeks, 3 days ago

    G’night all – will have visions of eggs dancing in my dreams. I keep finding an egg, checking the leaderboard and realizing that I’m one short of getting onto the board. SO, 55 eggs for today – will search more tomorrow!

  • B Miller commented on the blog post Easter Egg Hunt 2014   12 months ago

    Thanks for another great egg hunt, Lima Beads! Fell off the leaderboard after a few days (made it to 92), placed my order and am now happily awaiting my beads and freebies!

  • B Miller commented on the blog post Easter Egg Hunt 2014   1 year ago

    Did anyone else have little Lima Beads eggs haunting their dreams last night?

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  • B Miller
    On March 5, 2013 B Miller said:

    Okay, is it just me who’s anxiously awaiting the 2013 Easter Egg Hunt, or are others out there counting the days as well? I was just on, and tried to click on the eggs in the top right corner (they hav a link to their Easter shop). The contest hasn’t even begun yet, and I’m seeing eggs everywhere!!!

  • B Miller
    On April 3, 2010 B Miller said:

    Okay – am up to 66 found; need to stop to begin Easter baking!

  • B Miller
    On March 30, 2010 B Miller said:

    Still hunting for the last 40 eggs …

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