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I live in California. I’m a kindergarten teacher and have been for about six years. Both my husband and I make jewelry -I like weaving and stringing, with some wire work mixed in to keep things interesting. My husband does chainmaille and wire work. It’s kind of cool having a hobby I can share with him.

I am working on selling our jewelry, I have a few in person clients but we are trying to branch out onto the internet. So far our website is up, but not current. When/if we ever manage to get it up to date, I’ll link the site.

I like doing all sorts of crafts, but jewelry is my passion. I love anything that is Disney or sparkles. I read a lot and am a life long learner. I think it is important to learn something new everyday and continually challenge yourself. I am learning how to face paint – and am having fun learning all the techniques and meeting lots of new people. My students get a real kick out of me practicing on them every once in a while.

I have one dog – Angel (she’s my picture) and while she really isn’t one, we do love her. She keeps us on our toes, with her daily antics, she keeps us amused for hours on end. I guess she’s like my kid.

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  • Desiree J
    On July 13, 2009 Desiree J said:

    So, I’m pretty lucky, I work in really great district. We have money in reserves so we have not been issued IOUs. I don’t think it will come to that for us, but I have heard of teachers in Ca who have been issued IOUs because the money they were supposed to get from the state never came or got pulled at the least minute. I’m the VP of our teachers union, so it’s something I feel very strongly about and something I have been watching and tracking closely.

  • Southern Chickie
    On July 13, 2009 Southern Chickie said:

    Hey Desiree…Just wondering, are you Ca teachers getting paid? Things are rough here in NC, but Ca is supposedly broke..ouch!

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