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I guess it’s time for me to update my profile my name is Betty and I am from Amman Jordan have 2 precious adult children a girl and a boy, also we have a cute Pug and two lazy Persian cats one black and the other white.
I joined Lima Beads in the beginning of 2010 but I’ve been away for a while as I got interested in photography and it took all my time, I enjoy capturing the beauty that surrounds us everywhere especially the natural beauty of our planet! Here is a link to G+ where I post my photography:
I am a self taught artist with a few hobbies that change depending on my moods such as oil painting, doll house miniature, Christmas crafts and jewelry designing. I love gemstones of all types, and I love to feel the energy of the stones while transforming them into beautiful jewelry pieces.
I am a vegetarian living a healthy life; I love nature and spend a lot of time outside I also enjoy yoga, spirituality, meditation, organic living, alternative health, ancient wisdom, etc..
I love traveling and visiting our beautiful planet especially places with undeveloped beaches, living near the sea or the ocean is my dream.

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  • Orchid Betty
    On May 19, 2010 Orchid Betty said:

    Are there any real differences between the various craft wires: Artistic Wire, Parawire, Zebra Wire and beadery craft wire? I like to know if there is difference in quality and durability between the different brands. And when they say permanent colored copper wire does that mean it is durable and not like plated wire that will come out with time. I’ll appreciate any help, I want a high quality craft wire and I’m confused between the brands and don’t know what to order.

  • Orchid Betty
    On May 9, 2010 Orchid Betty said:

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all the MOMS out there! We are blessed to have the best job ever.

  • No Photo
    On April 29, 2010 BayLady said:

    Hi Betty, Have a safe & enjoyable trip!

  • Orchid Betty
    On April 29, 2010 Orchid Betty said:

    Good morning L B friends
    I will be away for a few days, I ‘m leaving to Lebanon today and I’m back Wednesday, I’m going to miss you all, and all your designs!

  • Frida
    On April 11, 2010 Frida said:

    Great! You so welcome! Post it later I hope :)

  • Frida
    On April 11, 2010 Frida said:

    Betty dear! You can do the rings, bec I pritty much don’t have any clue what I’am doing… LOL I just playing! Until now… I have not looked at instructions, just on designs… Bec I think playing is part of the learning now I will look more closely into my new love the wrapping!

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