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Designs by Orchid Betty

Banana tree leaves necklace

I created a color palette from my Banana tree leaves photo and decided to use the colors to design this necklace!
Components: Amazonite Blk. Tourmaline Rondelle 14mm, Rainbow Obsidian Round 17mm, Light Green Garnet Puff Coin 30mm, Russian serpentine 8x7mm cube, Quartz, Jade discs, green aventurine, black obsidian, Peridot, Swarovski crystals, silk ribbon, metal clasp and wire!


I loved the summer fun multi strand bracelet so I designed another one with more strands and different colors!
I did not like the sliding clasp...
Components: The stones that I used in this one are: Sesame Jasper, lapis tubes and chips, Peach Feldspar, Russian serpentine cubes, gray and black wooden beads, Malachite rounds and chips, sodalite chips, African Opal Rice, black, orange and clear seed beads! I also used Beading wire Accu-Flex clear 49 strand, 0.019-inch diameter, crimp tubes, crimp covers and multi strand clasp!

Summer Fun

I felt like creating a multi strand bracelet, so I chose some stones and started playing with them until I liked the color combination! This lovely...
Components: The stones that I used: peridot new jade, Malachite chips, Turquoise tubes, two sizes of red corals, olive new jade, blue apatite, zebra serpentine and clear seed beads! I also used Beading wire Accu-Flex clear 49 strand, 0.019-inch diameter, crimp tubes, crimp covers and multi strand clasp

Unconditional love

I designed this necklace for mother’s day and as mothers are known for their unconditional love I chose this name for it! In Jordan we celebrate...
Components: Rose quartz, Golden sheen obsidian, Black pearls, Onyx, crystals, pewter charm and silver plated metal

Snowy Nights

When I designed the necklace Metamorphosis, I was in doubt between the golden sheen obsidian and the snowflake obsidian and because I liked how the...
Components: Snowflake Obsidian, Black Obsidian, variety of Jet Swarovski Crystals, B. Diamond Swarovski Crystals, metal Jump rings and findings!


I fell in love with this Green Girl butterfly, so the design started by adding the B. Diamond Swarovski Crystal to it, then I wanted to use the...
Components: Green Girl Pewter Butterfly with Metamorphosis written on the back, golden sheen obsidian, B. Diamond and Sm. Quartz Swarovski Crystals, antic metal silver Bead caps, 5 and4mm metal Jumprings!


I wanted to try to do the Byzantine chainmail weave, after finishing the chain I added an oval onyx in the center and few small rounds between the...
Components: Onyx, Jump rings and findings

Sponge Coral Beauty

I liked the result of the Sponge Coral Long Necklace so I decided to make set using the same materials and her is the result!
Components: Natural Sponge coral, Strawberry Quartz, golden barrel, and Flower metal, antique bronze Bead caps and Brass Chain

Sea Abundance

I had this sponge coral for a while and could not combine it with nothing until one day I was bored and decided to play with my stones; I put...
Components: Natural Sponge coral, Strawberry Quartz, golden Fish and Flower metal, antique bronze Bead caps and Brass Chain

Moonlight Dance

I wanted a necklace for a black dress with bronze detail, so I chose a variety of black stones and mixed them with brass beads and charms and here...
Components: Apache, Tourmaline, Onyx, black obsidian, Amazonite Blk. Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian, Lava stone, Jet Swarovski crystals, Bead caps antique bronze, Brass Metal Chain, antic gold beads and charms…


I created this necklace for a special friend that is moving to Canada as a goodbye gift, I chose turquoise because it’s her favorite color!
Components: Turquoise, Swarovski Crystal Bl. Zircon and silver metal chain, beads and findings!

Sparkling stars necklace

I created this set to go with a dress that I wanted to ware for a wedding.
Components: Sterling Silver chain, spacers and findings Swarovski Crystals in three colors: silver shade, golden shadow and Blue Satin

Starry Night

I fell in love with the big sterling silver bead when I saw it and couldn’t resist buying it so this Cluster was created for it!
Components: Sterling Silver beads, large oval Onyx, Black coral, Lava stone, Tourmaline, faceted Onyx, sterling silver chain and findings, black stone that I don’t what it is

Silver Nights

I bought this pendant when I went to India, and the design was created for it!
Components: Onyx, sterling silver pendant, beads, chains and findings


I created this bracelet for my 12 years old niece Joelle!
Components: Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Black and white freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystals, Pink chips, metal chain, beads, Charms and findings

Carved Jet

This necklace was designed for a black dress with brass zipper.
Components: Carved Jet, Onyx, Bead caps antique bronze, Bead caps antique gold Handbag metal charm, Metal Chain Antic Brass


This bracelet was designed for my 10 years old niece Andreya, she wanted blue and green colors so this is what I came up with, I called it womanly...
Components: Azurite-Malachite, Malachite, Lapis, blue apatite, Turquoise chips, cat's eye glass, Swarovski crystals and metal charms, beads, chain and findings

Sandy Ocean

I found the three pieces of the unpolished Lapis in a shop add I fell in love with them, so I used two of them to make the earrings and the third...
Components: Unpolished Lapis, Blue coral, Goldstone, fresh water pearls, Chrysanthemum, and Shell disks, black stone that I don’t know what it is, seed beads, sterling silver chains and findings!

Gifts from the Sea

When I designed under the sea beauties I could not decide between the silver and the brass metal, the silver metal won but I liked the effect of...
Components: Antique gold plated Filigree Squares, Blue Coral, antique bronze Bead Caps, golden metal Flowers, Montana Swarovski Crystal and Metal Chain

Under The Sea Beauties

I was at the beach and the water was so calm, I could look through it like a glass, while walking in the water and looking at the corals and the...
Components: Honey Jade, Strawberry Quartz, and Amethyst, Swarovski crystals, metal beads and bead capes, Metal oval focal link, metal chain

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