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Designs by Orchid Betty


I wanted a soft simple necklace that I can use any time, so I chose some clear stones that I liked and added thin sterling silver chain between them!
Components: Aquamarine round, Aquamarine Faceted Nugget, Quartz, Jade, Rose Quartz, [Brazilian white stone maybe some kind of quartz], sterling silver chain and wire

Joyful Soul

The colors of this design were inspired from the colors of a bathing suit that I liked.
Components: Amethyst, Freshwater Pearls, Turquoise, Shell disks, Tourmaline, Smoky topaz, [sterling silver wire, chain and clasps]!

Colorful Dream

I just put together a variety of stones that I like and here is the result.
Components: Amethyst, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Smoky quarts, Lava stone, Jade, Onyx, Quartz, sterling Silver beads, sterling silver chain and sterling silver toggle clasps. Orange, green and black stones that I don’t know their name!

Butterfly Wings

I love the look of designs with Chainmaille and I wanted to try to do it, so I chose the Butterfly Chainmaille because it looked easy, and here is...
Components: Metal jumprings, metal butterflies and aquamarine stones

Black and white

I needed a long necklace to use with a black blouse so I created this one; I wired the Mother of pearl beads inside the shell disks then added the...
Components: Carved Mother of pearl, white Shell circles, Black and white Glass beads and sterling Silver chain

Secret Garden

This necklace design just happened by itself while I was playing with this beautiful metal flower and some stones waiting for my friends to arrive!...
Components: Amethyst, Blue coral, Malachite, Fluorite, Lapis, metal focal flower and jumprings

Blue Moon

I wanted to do something with the metal disks, so this design was created. I didn’t have a chain ready at hand so I joined jumprings together and...
Components: Lapis, Azurite-Malachite, Metal disk, 5mm Jumprings, Metal clasp, Craft wire


I loved this pendent from the first glance; I don’t know what this stone is and I could not match it in any design until few days ago, I used...
Components: Indian pendent? [I bought it from India], Tourmaline, Onyx, Smoky Topaz, and Swarovski Crystals

Turquoise Sea

I love turquoise and lapis so I decided to put them together and here is the result!
Components: Turquoise, Lapis and sterling silver

Peaceful Seashore

I was spending some time at the beach, of course with some of my jewelry material and tools and this necklace was created, I designed them as two...
Components: Aquamarine, Jade, Tourmaline, Smoky quarts, Shell discs, two types of sterling silver chain and s silver clasp!

Sunny Inspiration

This necklace was inspired by Sunny Chick design Olive, I loved the way she used wiring and stringing together in the same design, so I used her...
Components: Metal disk, metal links, copper beads, Swarovski crystals, peridot rondelle, Smoky topaz, silver metal chain, antic silver metal Butterflies, Mookaite, Ammonite Fossil.

Sea Garden

I just wanted to do something with these corals, and this is the result, my daughter didn’t like the metal flowers, what do you think?
Components: Corals, metal silver chain. [Metal antic silver pieces: flowers, Bead caps and Toggle clasp].

Sunburst Flower and Sunburst Forest

I just wire wrapped each Tourmaline bead separately around the shell dick and used a big one in the center I called it Sunburst Flower; I liked the...
Components: Tourmaline, shell dick, sterling silver wire and chain. Malachite Shell disk, sterling silver wire and Brazilian stone that I don’t know what it is!

Rain Forest

I loved this Seraphinite Square so I created a simple design to keep the attention on it. I added few Swarovski crystals to give it some light. The...
Components: Seraphinite Square Donut, Swarovski crystals, metal chain and two green stones

Cloudy Sky

I loved the way Pam E aka funky tulip used sodalite and pearls in her design denim and pearls, so she inspired me to create this set.
I’m not sure...
Components: Sodalite, pearls, metal parts and metal chain

Lucky Ammonite

I fell in love with the Ammonite Fossil when I saw it for the first time at LB site so I had to order it and here is what I have created with it.
Components: Ammonite Fossil, Blue Impression Jasper, Smoky topaz, Sterling Silver.

The Calm after the storm

In the same pick the sea storm I also wanted to make an earring from the Amazonite off Center Donut, so here it is.
Components: Amazonite off Center Donut, metal chain

sea storm

When I created my pick sea storm I posted in the Description that I would love to create a long unsymmetrical necklace, mixing the stones and...
Components: [Green Girl Pewter: Mermaid, Fish Tube, Fishy, Mystic Ring, Octoring and Starfish Toggle Clasp], Amazonite w/ black Tourmaline, Rainbow Obsidian, oval Onyx, metal chain

Raining Pearls

This necklace started as a bracelet, I didn’t have head pines so I thought using coiled wire will be good. But when I tried it the problem was that...
Components: Onyx, Black pearls, White pearls, Lava stone, Sterling silver beads, chain and clasp

My First Ring

I did follow Frida’s advice to play with wire and see what will happen so here is my first ring, it’s not perfect but it‘s a ring!
Components: Copper wire and Tourmaline

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