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Designs by Page B

Autumn Charm Bracelet

I was surely ready for the Fall season with this charm bracelet which must have every color of the leaves in it!
Components: Glass beads, varying colors, silver tone heart charm beads, silver tone chain and toggle clasp.

Chartreuse Charm Bracelet

Recently, I was told I should add some olive or chartreuse to my collection. I love charm bracelets so this is what I came up with!
Components: Chartreuse glass beads, silver plated freeform small glass beads, silvertone chain and toggle clasp.

I Got The Blues!

I was thinking of the ocean when I made this. I'm not a big fan of "blue jewelry" in general, but this reminds me of the ocean hues!
Components: Glass beads, powder blue, teal blue and bright blue, toggle clasp and silvertone chain.

Autumn Leaf Earrings

Carrying on with my inspirations from the Fall season, I made these brass earrings with champagne potato pearls and brass leaf charms. Hope you...
Components: Brass french wires, small 5mm fluted brass round beads, and champagne potato pearls. Finished with small brass leaf accent charms.

Autumn Agate Bracelet

Autumn inspires me. I also love natural semi-precious gemstones. This bracelet was made with brass jump rings, eye pins, a lobster claw clasp, and...
Components: Fluted Agate round beads from Fire Mountain Gems, brass components were purchased at Michaels here in my area.

Autumn Charm Bracelet

My favorite season is Autumn of course, and this is a mix of glass beads of all sizes and shapes.
Components: silver link chain, various glass colored beads, pewter charms, and a silver toggle clasp. There is a hint of round peach quartz and goldstone cubes.

Red Ribbon Earrings

I love Murano glass and found these squares nearby. I love the two complimenting colors in the palette, teal and directly across on the color...
Components: Sterling French Wires, garnet beads, sterling silver beads.

Winter Agate Earrings

I love Agate and Jaster and the colors are just great. These just remind me of suede for some reason.
Components: Sterling silver kidney wires with ball tip, sterling silver fluted beads, black onyx beads.

"Summer Fruit" Toggle Bracelet

What inspired me to make this was the colors of fruit in season, kiwi, oranges, and lemons, so there is a blend of orange, lime green and yellow!!!
Components: This is primarily a mix of glass beads

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