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  • Jade aka Caryn
    On May 4, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    Would anyone like to do a bead swap with me?

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On April 28, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    Does anyone know where to get affordable bobby pins..the kind where I can glue on a boy or other item? I have a request but I don’t really want to start anything ”new”, not interested in making a bunch.

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On April 13, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    Making my own jump rings. 30 down only 300 to go lol.

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On March 29, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    Well…Bead Trends is amazing. I called them wondering when I should expect my free copies and my necklace. He said they don’t send them out until the middle of the month. I asked him where I could find a copy near me. He called me back within a few minutes and said he would give me a free online copy of the magazine. It gets better…They gave me a copy of every single BT since 2008!!! Wow now that is service!!! Hats off to Northridge Publishing!

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On March 29, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    I have an earring class and a show this weekend. I feel so unprepared. I go through this before every show. Does everyone else feel the same way when you have a show coming up?

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On March 26, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    I’m still waiting for my copies of Bead Trends. Am I the only one that hasn’t got it yet?

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On January 25, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    I am so frustrated. I have my things posted on 3 different sites but I can’t seem to sell a thing! I even started posting findings and beads on Etsy. It seems like the less I sell the more I buy!

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On January 10, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    I haven’t had any luck on my website and I’m really bummed. I am not selling but I keep buying. I figured I should try to sell unused findings and beads. I posted them on my other site at

  • Jade aka Caryn
    On January 6, 2011 Jade aka Caryn said:

    Frantically getting my necklace ready to send to Bead Trends. I am not good at writing the directions. I guess I better get myself in gear to get it done this weekend. It has to go out first thing Monday morning. Anyone have any tips for writing the directions? And also if you don’t know what line your components come from what do you say? I usually say they are from a bead swap. I just have no confidence when it comes to this part of the creating. HELP!

  • No Photo
    On December 20, 2010 Deb D Grammy Chick said:

    Oh, Caryn, poor little guy! He’s quite a cutie,,,hope he’s well and wonderful for Christmas and that no one else is sick for the big day!
    Merry Christmas to all of you! :D

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