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  • doktordesigns
    On December 4, 2009 doktordesigns said:

    Hi Lima Beaders!

    I am putting out this wire to let you know that I am organizing an ORPHAN BEAD swap for Lima Beaders. The idea is to share with other beaders some of those onesies, twosies and threesies you have in your collection that you’re probably not going to use–and get some beautiful, surprising orphan beads in return.

    There are only two rules. We will all use the same size baggie. And we ask that you only send beads that you would be proud to use and are genuinely proud to give.

    If you are interested in joining the swap, please contact me via email at doktordesigns@gmail.com and send your full name and mailing address. Got it, chicks? I need real names! ;-)

    I will contact you with the final details and the name of your swap partner.

    This swap will be limited to the first 50 beaders who contact me. (If it works out, maybe we can do bigger swaps in the future.) The cut-off date for sending me your name is December 15th.

    Sorry for the long wire–email me if you have any questions.

  • doktordesigns
    On December 3, 2009 doktordesigns said:

    On the subject of orphan beads, I had an idea: would anyone be interested in doing a group ”swap”? I would be happy to organize it. Here’s how it could work. We could choose a size of zippered plastic bag to use. All the participants would fill one with orphans. Then I’d take everyone’s names and addresses, put them in a hat and randomly match participants. Then I would write to each of you and tell you to whom/where to send your baggie. At the end, we could all post photos here of what we make with our orphans! Let me know if you are interested by leaving me a message here at Lima Beads!

  • doktordesigns
    On November 15, 2009 doktordesigns said:

    Yesterday I received the most fabulous package from Lima Beads. Love my antique soochow jade heishi beads and feldspath faceted nuggets. Also my first pyrite purchase….what a cool stone!

  • doktordesigns
    On November 4, 2009 doktordesigns said:

    Well, gosh! I just discovered that I have a message Inbox here. One of my messages contained a request from another Lima Beader to post a profile. So I will do that!

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