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Designs by celticivy

Violet Key

My cousin love my daughter's pink key so I made her one but with light purples.
Components: 1 Czeck Crystal in Grape Mix ( lima), Tanzanite color Spike 1 8mm Swarovski Butterfly 1 Light Lavender Pearl Swarovskis in Violets, Tanzanite and Violet Opals in 4mm & 6mm. 2 6mm round, Lepidotite. Wrap around on a Vintage Key with Amethyst color Wire. On a silver chain with lobster clasp.

Malachite in Copper

Just a pair of simple earrings.
Components: Copper chain, copper cone cap, Malachite Drops

Fire Opal Ivy

A pair of earrings I made for myself. Love opals and ivy. :)
Components: Silver chain & Ear hooks, Brass Eye Pins, Pewter Ivy charms painted in Patina Moss Green, and Fire Opal Chips. (Lima Beads)

Pink Key

My daughter wanted me to make her necklace and this is what I made her.
Components: Vintage Key, Pink Spike, Fushia and Padparadscha Swarovski Crystals, Rhodochrosite chips, silver chain and lobster clasp.

Earrings for the teacher

These earrings are a gift for my daughter's first grade teacher.

Mesh Pendant

I made this today in a class in a bead store, pretty easy for the most part.
Components: 18 gauge Wire (for the frame), Mesh wire, head pins, charms and beads.

Ivy mix

A Ivy Bracelet with different types of Ivy with Fire Opal and a tribal sun clasp.
Components: Tribal Sun Clasp and chain both in Copper, two Patricia Healy's Copper Ivy Pendants, 6 silver Ivy Charms painted in Moss colored Patina Paints, a Silver Ivy Pendant and Fire Opal Chips from Limabeads!

Chalcedony Sky Cube

I've had these Chalcedony cubes for a couple of years and I finally made them in a pair of earrings.
Components: Silver Earring hooks, Silver chain and diagonally Chalcedony Cubes.

Spirit Animal Earrings

I've made these earrings due to the Snowy Owl is my Spirit Animal and want to honor her by making these earrings. first time painting with the...
Components: Silver Chain, Silver lever back hooks, silver coined shape freshwater pearls, silver feather charms painted in white and black alcoholic inks.

Snowy Moon with Turquoise

The Black specks reminds me of the colors of the Snowy Owl and like the Turquoise add on.
Components: Turquoise Chips, Rainbow Moonstone, silver chain and lever earring hooks.


I made this pendant for my daughter's teacher as a ''Thank You''.
Components: A rustic key, Orange Swarovski and Black Diamond Swarovski with Orange wire.

Seafoam Prom

I made this for my sister-in-law's Senior Prom. The Seafoam Ribbon is the same exact color of her dress!
Components: 4mm Kight Turquoise Swarovski Crystal Bicone, Sand Opal Swarovski Crystal Round, Pacific Opal Swarovski Crystal Round and Seafoam Fairy Ribbon.

Mythical Charms

I made this for myself
Components: Two Mythical Wings from Lima Beads, coin silver pearl, hawk's eye, red tiger eye, labradorite chips, black obsidian, turquoise chip, Amethyst, clear quartz, garnet and moonstone. gunmetal jump rings and chan and lobster clasp.

Celtic Green Ring

I made this for my Sister-in-law, Marybeth for her birthday.
Components: A silver Ring with Swarovski Bicones, in emrald, Green Opal, Erinite, with small pewter celtic knot pendant.

Flowers around a ring of Teal

I made these for my Sister-In-Law, her birthday is within a couple of days, she'll be turning 18. Her two out of her three favorite colors are on...
Components: Teal Czec Glass 3mm Beads, Denim color Swarovskis, two Amethyst Swarovskis, two Air Blue Opal Swarovskis, three Lucite Flowers, in Purple, Teal and white. 2 Rings, two jump rings and two ear hooks.

Rustic Chandellier

I made this in a class this pass weekend, planning to make some with different componants and styles. second pic with the quarter gives you an idea...
Components: Pewter, Brass, Copper Green Opal, Green Opal Swarovski and Copper Wire


I loove the plant Ivy, so here's a bracelet I made with Ivy.
Components: Antique Copper Chain and toggle. Artisian Copper Vintaj Ivy Vine Pendant (here from Lima), Swarovski Khaki(6mm) and a silver ivy charmed painted in Patina's Moss Green.

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